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The Zhou dynasty had a weakness of unifying everybody. The major states adopted distinct differences in terms of identity. The identities of each state based on their…
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Critical sumamries
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Chapter 2 Section: and Ethnic Identities Pages: 46-59 Weekly Summary In the second chapter, Ebrey reviews Chinese history concerning and ethnic identities in the Zhou dynasty. The Zhou dynasty had a weakness of unifying everybody. The major states adopted distinct differences in terms of identity. The identities of each state based on their history as well as culture of the people. As a result, people were used to identifying themselves with the states where they came from. Otherwise, people moved from one state to another to establish diplomatic relations. In addition, people could have relatives from many states and that united them (Ebrey, 55). The kings ruled the dynasty with the principles of All-Under-Heaven, which implied a common civilized world. It is evident that people could acquire cultures. The Confucian teachings have several assertions on the ability of an individual to transform to a civilized being.
The section provides a brief history to illustrate the idea of state identity as well as ethnicity. It explains that Zhou and other kings used to rule the dynasty and overcome state and ethnic boundaries. The section relates to others by describing one of the ancient Chinese territories. The Zhou dynasty is similar to other territories in the chapter such as the Tang dynasty (Ebrey, 55). The section corresponds to the main concept of the chapter by explaining practices of the ancient Chinese. The concept of state and ethnic identity in the ancient Chinese territories relates to the current ethnic classifications of the Chinese. It is common for the Chinese as well as other people to identify with their ethnic groups and regional origins.
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Ebrey, Patricia. The Cambridge Illustrated History of China. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010. Print.
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