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The influence of the European remains integral in the development of the world. Unlike in the past when Europeans colonized other countries, the Europeans continue to expand in the modern…
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West and the world
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West and the world How does Strayer explain European expansion in the New World? Strayer explains that Europeans continue to expand in the new world through various way. The influence of the European remains integral in the development of the world. Unlike in the past when Europeans colonized other countries, the Europeans continue to expand in the modern world through systematic commercial corporations. Hundreds of European companies operate globally and continue to extend in virgin markets a feature that facilitates the expansion of the European influence in the new world. Through such powerful commercial organizations, the European influences various features of the world key among which is culture.
What enabled Europeans to carve out huge empires in the Americas?
The occupation of the Americas was fundamental for the development of the various European countries. As such, they employed specific strategies in their attempts to carve out huge empires in the regions. Among the strategies they used was the divide and rule, a technique the European employed thereby setting the indigenous people against each other thereby making them weak thus easy to rule. Furthermore, the European enjoyed economic and military might thereby quelling any form of opposition from the indigenous people. Using the above techniques, the Europeans readily occupied the most arable lands in the various countries thereby enhancing their economic growth.  
Who did the Europeans encounter? What were the various different outcomes of these encounters?
The Europeans encountered numerous people including the indigenous people in the areas they occupied. The red Indians in North and Central America and the Latinos were among the groups of indigenous people the Europeans encountered in the quest to colonize the Americas. The indigenous people were few and lived in scattered structured. This made them vulnerable and exposed thereby making it easy for the Europeans to occupy. The outcomes of the encounters were bloody as the European often used force in their attempt to occupy the areas.  
What were some of the individual causes and consequences in the making of the Russian empire? The Chinese empire? The Mughal empire?
Making of the three empires above remain vital in the development of the world. The structures of the early empires influence the political structures of the specific regions. Among the factors that necessitated the development of the empires was the need for the societies to have centralized leadership. This way, the people could coexist peacefully under the leadership of a single leader. The empires resulted in the fortification of the regions as each empire developed clear demarcation thereby forming diplomatic relationships with other regions. This enhanced the development of trade thus enhancing the economic development of the regions. Additionally, the regions formed appropriate militaries thereby defending themselves from both internal and external aggressions.  
In what ways was the Ottoman Empire important for Europe in the early modern era?
The development and longevity of the Ottoman Empire was essential in the development of Europe. The empire for example helped demarcate territories that later contributed to the formation of Europe. The demarcation of boundaries was vital in developing appropriate institutions to facilitate the interaction of the region with many other regions globally. The empire was large yet cohesive a feature that portrayed the effectiveness of the leadership and governance structures employed by the leaders of the empire at the time. This contributed to the political discipline in the region a fundamental factor that influenced the politics of Europe in the early modern era.
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Strayer, Robert W. Ways of the World: A Brief Global History with Sources. Boston, MA: Bedford/St. Martins, 2011. Print. Read More
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