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One of these ways is through the education system. The Middle East is among the few regions in the world where education is free. As oil reserves were continually exploited in most of these countries, most of their…
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Research Problem
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Research Problem al Affiliation Knowledge can be disseminated through many different ways. One of these ways is through the educationsystem. The Middle East is among the few regions in the world where education is free. As oil reserves were continually exploited in most of these countries, most of their economies grew exponentially – Saudi Arabia being a key example. This saw many governments invest in the education sector. Basic education was made free, leading to the upsurge of student numbers in schools. After completion of such basic education, there developed a great demand for higher education from these students. Since these numbers must be absorbed into the system, public expenditures on education are continually rising to unsustainable levels. The challenge on financing is increasingly being felt, negatively impacting knowledge transfer.
The second factor affecting transfer of knowledge is culture. Most Middle East countries have very conservative cultural norms. This is especially evident in the role of women. Women are generally perceived to be less capable in leadership positions, family priorities, etc. Although the trends are gradually changing, a father in Saudi Arabia has the impression that he is better placed to educate his son than his daughter. This implies that there are generally less girls than boys in schools; the reasons as to this why are purely cultural. Consequently, the society remains less educated inhibiting the flow of knowledge.
The third factor is political instability. Saudi Arabia as a country has not experienced any form of political turmoil in recent years. However, Yemen, Iran and Syria are all countries that have experienced political unrest in one form or another. This affects neighbors of such countries; Saudi Arabia being one of them. This civil unrest in the aforementioned countries may spread to Saudi, considering the fact that it, like those countries, is headed by a monarchy – a contributive factor for the unrest sweeping across Arab countries in recent times. This unrest affects all sectors of the country’s landscape, part of which education and information are.
Western countries have been major drivers of technology, a factor that continues to revolutionize the acquisition and dissemination of information. However, the Middle East has continued to display anti-Western tendencies. Iraq has been investing in nuclear power plants, an effort that does not sit well with the West and the world in general while Iran openly expresses ‘hate’ for the United States. This means that Middle Eastern countries are less likely to receive support, financial or otherwise, should they need it. Lack of good relations affects trade too. There is reduced trade between countries with polarized relations as those that exist between the United States and most Middle Eastern countries. With trade comes the exchange of ideas, some of which have to do with information and technology.
Lastly, there has recently risen concern over health issues of people living in the Middle East – specifically obesity. Saudi Arabia is one of the most culturally diverse countries in the Middle East. People from different cultural backgrounds from all over the world regularly visit Saudi and take with them their cultures – food being one. Fast food restaurants have come to cater for this market. This means that people and the government in general are looking to spend more on the health sector rather than on information resources.
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