What Caused World War 2 and Why Did the US Become Involved in It - Research Paper Example

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The paper "What Caused World War 2 and Why Did the US Become Involved in It" highlights that the war led to the development of the United Nations that has helped control international differences for a long time hence trying to avoid the possibility of such a war again in human history…
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What Caused World War 2 and Why Did the US Become Involved in It
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Download file to see previous pages The Weimar Germany steamed trouble that drove towards the Second World War.
The treaty received a lot of dissatisfaction claims from the Germans included the loss of part of its territories and the tribute that the Germans had to pay as reparations for the war effects. Besides this reason, the Italian fascism of the 1920s, the Japanese military development, the attack on China in 1930s and the Nazis take overinclusive with Adolf Hitler all point to the Second World War. In 1933 after Hitler and his Nazi fellows had taken over power, the grievances of the Germans over the lost war became apparent with the demands raised as part of the Nazi ideology. The demands proved more ambitious and included the uniting of the German community in one nation and the demand that led to the acquisition of space commonly referred to as “living space”.
The living space used as a way of cleaning the country. Through it, the Germans gained access to the East and colonized the territories he found. The actions of the Nazis created tensions in the other states through these ideologies developed. Then started the colonization effects with Italy claiming over Ethiopia, Japan over Manchuria in the year 1931 and its avid entry into China in 1937 and the Germans rearmament and remilitarization of the Rhine lands at around 1936. The Germans went further to divide the Eastern part of Europe into a Nazi and the Soviet areas each with different levels of influence. The Danzig crisis followed that triggered the war in Europe at around 1939. In addition, competition for resources played a role in creating the Second World War. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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