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Greek, Roman Mythology vs Dc, Marvel Comics - Research Paper Example

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The term ‘myth’ basically refers to a story attempting to explain in a more or less symbolic nature the origins of the earth, the cosmos, and humanity; the…
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Greek, Roman Mythology vs Dc, Marvel Comics
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Download file to see previous pages Basically, these tales were orally passed down from generation to generation and more than a span of numerous centuries, undergone a lot of changes. Iliad and the Odyssey were attributed by the ancient world – two epics regarded as the earliest and greatest arts of Greek literature to Homer. It is believed that Homer was the first poet who decided to record these myths into written usage; this is estimated to be during the eighth century B.C, hence conserving them for generations of the future.
Most people and generations after the famous Homer have not relaxed looking at these tales since they address common issues concerning humanity. These stories were told in order to explain the human behavior, problems that are commonly pressing most communities and the surrounding world. Besides elaborating religious and natural origins, these myths also served humans with their neighbors and people history. In the case of Greeks, the myths poured much light on their lives aspects and the way they had turned to be what they used to be.
It is anticipated that Greek mythology evolved nearly to 1000 years even before the Roman mythology came to existence; Greek mythology origin are still not known . The difference is: Roman mythology was as result of Rome inhabitants who created it as a religion and later on it was even adopted from the Greek mythology.
The Roman and Greek mythology are similar in a way; Greek mythology focuses much on unexplainable great tales and the Roman mythology entails a lot of stories and battles between immortals in early centuries. Due to this fact, it is clearly evident that Roman and Greek mythologies are closely related due to their rich immortal tales.
In as much Greek and Roman mythology are elaborate and descriptive, the two mythologies have differences. Greek mythology pours much light on great stories concerning mortals who took part in heroic deeds and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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