Britishness is defined as having a long history with tradition and culture. Westminster Abbey is designed to define britishness by the architecture and the functions - Essay Example

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It is plausible that every settled society develops its unique architecture and buildings are regarded as political and cultural symbols of the society. Every building is designed to achieve some specialization of a person or a group of individuals. Some examples of such…
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Britishness is defined as having a long history with tradition and culture. Westminster Abbey is designed to define britishness by the architecture and the functions
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Extract of sample "Britishness is defined as having a long history with tradition and culture. Westminster Abbey is designed to define britishness by the architecture and the functions"

Download file to see previous pages The Westminster Abbey stands out as one of the most-conspicuous architectural masterpieces in Britain that have been designed to symbolize the long history of British culture and tradition. From its design in architecture to its design in the functions that take place within and around its premises, the Westminster Abbey is a classical representation of ‘Britishness.’
The history of Westminster Abbey stretched back to 1065 when King Edward the Confessor built a new church as a dedication to Saint Peter. Following his death, King Edward befitted the first person to be buried at the Abbey and William, the new Conqueror, became the first person to be crowned at the Abbey. In close resemblance to the Canterbury Cathedral, the Abbey became a center for pilgrimage due to the shrines of kings and queens and other important individuals in the society. After many years in the desolation, King Henry III decided to re-build the Abbey in 1245, and the resultant design reflects the Abbey’s current appearance. The history of Westminster Abbey is long and continue to this day. For example the buildings, houses and apartment tell a lot of the historical journey from when it commenced to today. For more than one thousand years, Westminster Abbey has maintained a unique architectural, historical and symbolic significance where the tradition and culture of the English state, church and monarch and law are inexorably intertwined. As a group, the architectural pieces that form the Abbey symbolize masterpieces of monumental architecture since the medieval times, and which derive from the best of historic construction methods and traditional craftsmanship (Levy 8-12). Thus, it is plausible that the design of the Westminster Abbey was meant to be a constant representation of British culture and tradition for many years after its construction. On the design of its functions, it is the Abbey’s pre-eminent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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