How Was Successful Nazi Policy In The Years 1933 - 1945 - Essay Example

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The paper "How Was the Successful Nazi Policy In The Years 1933 - 1945?" describes the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP), widely known as the Nazi Party, has since 1920 replaced the German Workers' Party. She survived her peak under the powerful leadership of Adolf Hitler…
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How Was Successful Nazi Policy In The Years 1933 - 1945
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Download file to see previous pages Two major groups bind the youth of the nation during the reign of Nazis. These groups comprise the Hitler youth group and league of the German maidens. In the youth group under the reign of Hitler led Nazi Germany, boys at the age of 10 were influenced to join the Jungvolk. At the age of 14, it is expected that the boys will join the Hitler youth committee. The Hitler led Nazi mainly focused towards enhancing the physical fitness along with proper military training for the youth right from the very beginning of the Nazi era. In addition, the membership of the youth in the Nazi movement made compulsory for the boys. On the other hand, ‘League of the German Maidens’ predominately included the German girls. Nazi led German was also focused towards providing training to the teenagers so that they could join the Nazi defense force. Hitler also instructed schools that the girls should be taught about Nationalist as well as racist beliefs so that they could embed well into the Nazi culture. In this particular regard, Hitler started the youth movement where the young girls of age 10-14 needed to learn the ideologies of Nazi along with other activities such as camping and athletics among others so that they could be able to get physical fitness and enhance the prospects of future Nazi soldier. The Hitler led Nazi Germany considered the youth of the country to be among the most vital assets. Contextually, they attempted to control girls and embed them into the Nazi culture right from the beginner stage. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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How Was Successful Nazi Policy In The Years 1933 - 1945 Essay.
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