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Washington and DuBois are two leaders who supported black American education and development as a way of attaining economic, social and political empowerment. However, their approach and strategies for achieving these goals were completely different. Booker T. Washington…
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Primary Document Analysis Paper #1
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Download file to see previous pages osing strategies have gained support as well as criticism with the conservatives supporting Washington’s view while the reformist tended to agree with DuBois. The difference in philosophy between these two leaders led to the emergence of the Bookerites and Niagarites.
Booker Taliaferro Washington was among the great black educators in the late 19th century. Washington was very influential on the southern race relations. Washington advocated for an education method that was supported by his followers, but rejected by reformers. His philosophy had three important aspects. The first aspect was accommodation. In his view, he believed that the Black Americans should accept that they were inferior to the white Americas, and could not attain or get the same level or type of education that the white Americans were getting (Reagan & Ferris, 1989). The white Americans were given more opportunities to attain the traditional academic education. He encouraged the black Americans to accept the fact that they were inferior to the white Americans. Washington therefore encouraged the black Americans to tolerate discrimination and instead focus on gaining technical knowledge that would allow them to gain material wealth (Reagan & Ferris, 1989). He argued that this was the only ways that the black Americans can gain recognition and acceptance by the white Americans.
The second aspect of the Washington’s perspective of black American advancement was the belief that money and trade were more important to the black Americans than political power (Booker, 1896). The third and probably the most important or noticeable aspect of the Washington’s perspective of the black Americans education was industrial education. Washington believed that education in craft, farming and trade was what the black Americans needed (Booker, 1895). He believed that industrial education would give the Black Americans the needed skills to help them gain material prosperity.In addition to that, he argued ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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