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Usually growth industries contain a great number of growth stocks. I am of the opinion that in United States industrial growth began in the…
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Transportation industry
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Transportation industry due: Part one Industrial growth is a situation where the industry isgrowing in earnings and/or revenue faster than the growth of the overall market. Usually growth industries contain a great number of growth stocks. I am of the opinion that in United States industrial growth began in the states in the early 1800’s, and it steadily continued to and through the civil war. After the civil war, the American industry drastically changed. Hand labor was replaced by machines as the main manufacturing mean increasing the production capacity of industries tremendously (Barden, 2011).
Part two
The groundwork for the industrialization and rapid postwar economic growth of America was laid by civil war, stimulated by state initiatives such as the transcontinental railroad. The South, devastated by war the south shared very little in the economic growth of the United States until World War II. It also brought changes to the economy and society. For instance urbanization mainly because of capitalism, immigration, rises of huge prosperous businesses through trusts, emergence of new technology (Gallagher, 2003).
Industrialization affected different groups of people. The people who were adversely affected include:-
Farmers: Farmers suffered losses; as a result, of industrialization. Agriculture, like other industries, were becoming merchandised and commercial and, as a result, fewer farmers were needed (Gallagher, 2003).
Native Americans: They were all affected by migration incentives. With the construction of Railway forth came the transformation of the west and downfall of the frontier. Eventually the Native American tribes were involuntary forced to relocate.
Immigrants: Industrialization gave the sense of the idea that one nation was better than another nation. United State started laying down immigration laws; as a result, of increased immigration. Examples of immigrants were Chinese and European (Gallagher, 2003).
Women: They were not allowed to take some major job position in the working class within the country (Gallagher, 2003).
Middle and lower class group of workers: The rise of specialized jobs came with invention and production of factory machines. This took jobs of thousands of factory workers across the country (Gallagher, 2003).
Some of ways that industrialization affected Americans during this time include:-
Rise of big businesses: The value of produced goods by American industry amplified between 1870 and 1916.
Advanced production methods: The use of machines in manufacturing spread hence improved throughput of the industries after the civil war (Cobb, 2004).
Development of new products: Both the inventors and business leaders created and sold a variety of new products such as petrol engine car, record player, barbed wire, typewriter among other products (Barden, 2011).
Natural resources: Rich and varied America’s resources played a role in the rise of big business. Forests provided for construction and wooden products (Cobb, 2004).
Distribution and communication: The American railway system in late 1800’s became a nationwide transportation network which made business operations for average working class more efficient (Cobb, 2004).
How the Civil War, Reconstruction, and Industrialization changed after the Civil War shaped America’s history
Freedom to slaves from all over the South, they now found themselves without a system that once had controlled nearly every aspect of their lives. They were integrated in the society (Barden, 2011). There was reduced political and social agreement during the period of Reconstruction, particularly over issues such as who should or should not vote (Confederates, those slaves who served in the war, ex-slaves) (Barden, 2011). After a century, the full benefits of what Reconstruction was trying to address were felt by the citizens due to the Civil Rights Movement (Barden, 2011).
Ways that formal policies of the government have influenced the historical and social development in the United States
Major policies were majorly based on social insurance in that government employed elements of social policy past strict actuarial principles, with more weight on the social competence of benefits as well as fears of strict fairness for participants. Most of the United States laws were based on the past or historical events. Acts were established to equip and empower the security agents in the country (Barden, 2011).
The chief turning points in American history since the Civil War
1. Late 19th century: the industrial revolution
2. 1898 Spanish-American war: This led to the beginning of US internationalism.
3. 1920. Women get rights to vote.
4. 1929. Onset of the great depression was crashed by the stock market.
5. 1941 Pearl Harbor was attacked.
6. 1964 Emergence of civil rights act.
7. 1989 Marked the close of the cold war; US became the sole superpower country (Billington, 1979).
Cobb, J. C. (2004). Industrialization and southern society, 1877-1984. Lexington, Ky: University
Press of Kentucky.
Barden, C. (2011). Slavery, civil war, and reconstruction. Quincy, IL: Mark Twain Media, Inc.
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& Co.
Gallagher, G. E. (2003). The American Civil War. Oxford: Osprey Publ. Read More
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