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Depend on the WORD I provide - Admission/Application Essay Example

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This is also one of the basic reasons why humans are created. It can be evidenced through history that humans have always interacted with one another in a variety of ways;…
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Depend on the WORD I provide
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Extract of sample "Depend on the WORD I provide"

Download file to see previous pages One such writer is Aime Cesaire who in his article ‘Discourse on Colonialism’ has expressed his views on the subject. With the help of this paper, Cesaire’s statement that, the act of colonization dehumanized the colonized by the colonizer will be illustrated. Furthermore, a few examples will also be provided in order to support the statement.
Famous for his writing skills as a poet and playwright, Aime Cesaire has certainly brought a different level of experience for its readers. The brilliant writer was born in 1913 in Martinique (a small island) and has achieved influential and significant importance in the writing industry which differentiates him from the rest of the French-speaking Caribbean authors. Amongst his numerous famous writings, he is best known for inventing the term ‘negritude’ which highlighted the hard work and attempt of the black youth to bring a positive racial individuality for their cast. Discourse on Colonialism is one of his famous and outstanding works which deemed him for bringing an astounding experience of politics through the authorship of this passage.
In her article, Aime has brilliantly defined the relationship between colonized and the colonizer. According to him, colonization is a kind of ‘thingification’. According to this assumption and his statement, it becomes evident that after colonization a shift is observed between the relationships of both colonizer and colonized. Both of them become inhumane after colonization; the colonizer becomes an animal by force while the others simply become inhumane. This relationship between the colonizer and the colonized expresses the mindset of individuals, where one wants to belong and can easily be accepted as a part of. According to Cesaire, this relationship was exploited and the colonizer was left empty and practiced dehumanization (Cesaire).
Aime Cesaire has emphasized on the fact that the overall act of colonization dehumanized the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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