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TRICARE. The Health Insurance Company - Research Paper Example

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TRICARE is a health insurance program that is mainly for the active-duty military and their families and eligible survivors of these members. This program has made several changes of the years starting during World War II when the soldiers and their spouses were of childbearing years. …
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TRICARE. The Health Insurance Company
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Download file to see previous pages At this time TRICARE developed the program entitled Emergency Maternal and Infant Care (EMIC). This program provided maternity and infant care to dependents of service members in the lowest four pay grades. There was another change when the Korean Conflict arose and problems began. This was known as Civilian Health and Medical Program of Uniformed Services in 1966 CHAMPUS was formed. In the 1980’s this company wanted to improve access to health care programs and TRICARE was formed in 1998. TRICARE offers three options.
“TRICARE Prime- This program provides the most comprehensive benefits at low cost. It allows a primary care manager to be assigned to each enrollee and military base hospital for the primary source to healthcare.”1 “ This program also has TRICARE Remote and it is for active-duty service members not served by the traditional military healthcare system. Another program this includes is TRICARE Senior and this is for retirees who are 65 years of age and older and their dependents and survivors. “2
ovided to participants.’ TRICARE Standard This program incorporates the services previously stated in the other programs and the beneficiaries can choose any physician or healthcare provider. It pays a set percentage of the providers’ fees and the enrollee pays the rest. It allows the most flexibility, but may be the most expensive for the enrollee particularly when the providers’ charges are higher than the amounts allowed by the program. Survival of Program The program will survive into the next decade for there will always be a need for the military and their families will need medical insurance to receive necessary care for them. Some services may change, but that would depend on the circumstances that occur with the enrollee or the family. Possible changes that could occur would be who can receive benefits and how much they will need for coverage. This program will also depend on how the government uses the military and if they will still let service members’ families be entitled to services and if they will be entitled to services which of them will they be allowed. Quality of Improvement This process will mean that the programs will have to meet governmental standards and have the participants fill in questionnaires telling how the services are working for them. Questionnaires include questions about the program itself and the physicians and other care providers who provide the care and if they are fulfilling their obligations. This program has changed through the decades and changed or developed new programs to fit society needs. This program does this by holding to the basic vision of the original program. It also measures success, delegates, listens to staff and asks them what will make the programs better, and they must be willing to make changes. In ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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