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Health Sector Service Management - Research Paper Example

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This study aims to provide a better understanding about the reasons as well as the impact of long wait time of the patients especially in the emergency units of the hospitals, therefore, an UAE based hospital named Tawam Hospital will be taken into concern…
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Health Sector Service Management
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Extract of sample "Health Sector Service Management"

Download file to see previous pages The research paper “Health Sector Service Management” discusses various aspects that include a brief overview of wait times of the patients relating with health sector, causes along with their consequences. It is worth mentioning that in order to gain an in-depth knowledge about the prevalence of wait times across the health segment, a cross-examination of two hospitals namely Tawam and Al Ain is considered. One of the critical challenges faced by the healthcare organizations in recent times relating to wait times of the patients is patient satisfaction. Thus, certain challenges and solutions to mitigate these challenges are also depicted in this research paper. In healthcare sector, waiting time is fundamentally regarded as the duration of time that passes particularly between receiving ‘Recommendation for Admission’ form by a hospital and the specific day of the admission of patient in the hospital. In general, waiting time associated with healthcare segment is viewed to be a time period between when a specific activity is mandated or requested and its happening. It has been apparently observed in this similar circumstance that if the aforementioned form is arrived at a certain delayed time at the hospital, the waiting time would generally appear quite shorter. Besides, waiting time in healthcare sector is also described as the total time taken by a patient starting from the registration till the consultation with the doctor. There generally exist two sorts of waiting time in this similar circumstance....
There generally exist two sorts of waiting time in this similar circumstance. One type of waiting time is viewed to be the time taken by a patient for making consultation with the doctor and the time taken for obtaining any medicine. The other type is the time taken by a patient particularly in registration is also regarded as one of the components of waiting time of a patient (Abdullah, 2005). The significant concern of waiting time can be related with triaging of patients. In this similar concern, the term “triage” is fundamentally regarded as a procedure that was initially executed especially by the militaries for the purpose of sorting their soldiers effectually who were wounded in any battle. Generally, ‘triage’is viewed to be the sole method through which healthcare professionals act proficiently towards categorizing the urgency of the medical requirements of the patients resulting in the deliverance of proper, secure and quality medical care to the patients. By taking into concern this particular approach of triage, it has been viewed that the prime intention of this process is to make sure that every patient is appropriately as well as timely treated at the time of their any clinical urgency. However, different healthcare organizations have been witnessed to face critical issues concerning waiting time that needs to be mitigated largely in order to support the patients by offering secure and quality medical care to them (Rambaran, 2009). In this research paper, a detailed investigation about a current management of service quality issue or problem faced by an organization today will be taken into concern. In this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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