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Role of religion in Paleolithic era - Essay Example

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Religion simple means the involvement of the belief of God. Religion is the world constitute that distinguishes between the holy and the sacred. Religion signified the unity of believers within a given community of…
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Role of religion in Paleolithic era
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Extract of sample "Role of religion in Paleolithic era"

Role of religion in Paleolithic era Religion refers to the belief worship for a supernatural being. Religion simple means the involvement of the belief of God. Religion is the world constitute that distinguishes between the holy and the sacred. Religion signified the unity of believers within a given community of faith during the Paleolithic era. Humanity around the world viewed region in the concept of an interaction with God as a supreme being of existence. The function of religion in the Paleolithic period revolved around establishing a moral code of existence in relation to a communal life. Religion defined the boundaries between the evil and the code. This means that every life revolved around religion as faith and a creed to the universe. This paper analyses the context of religion in the Paleolithic period citing specific examples. As a discussion platform, the paper will also explain the function of religion in the same regime.
Religion defined the impressive accomplishment in the Paleolithic era. This elaborated the origin and existence to life with a detailed coverage of the creator of the universe. The context also highlighted expectations within the societal setting for every mankind (Judge & Langdon, 211). The belief of human existence allocated specific mandates and roles for a given community.
Religion defined the existence of mankind in the Paleolithic era as a lifestyle. The early population believed in devotion and sacrifice dedicating life to observing a given religion. Christianity as doctrine served as the cornerstone of family establishment. The moral teaching revolved around a religious aspect where the spiritual holiness depicted a given lifestyle. Religion also acted as a moral regulatory to influence and condemn behaviors (Judge & Langdon, 171). Religious leaders acted as mediators between the living and the spiritual world. The context of religion depicted a given direction for any society in the Paleolithic period.
Religion defined individual endurance to achieve a higher divine calling in the Paleolithic period. The early nations obtained a spiritual calling from exercising true religious morals and behavior. The society respected the spiritual community that also acted as the higher rank of a community. A given communal decision relied on the outcome of the religious society and group. Religion acted as the moderate between parties. In the first instances, religion connected man and god, while in the second instance religion united different communal parties. The religion also served as a companion to the early population where prayer acted as the main survival pillar.
Religion has evolved over time transforming from simple belief context to complex dimension of worship and sacred practice. The earliest forms of religion date to the Paleolithic period with the earliest believers of Christianity. The history of religion accounts for the existence of mankind documented on sacred aspect. Religion serves to unite mankind in the image of a single doctrine that acknowledges a single Supreme Being. Religion is a significant element of historical accounts as documented in the Paleolithic era. The world acknowledges religion as the initial origin of mankind and the only connection to God.
Work Cited
Judge Edward and Langdon, John, W. Connections: A World History, Volume 2. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson, 2011. Read More
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(Role of Religion in Paleolithic Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Role of Religion in Paleolithic Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Role of Religion in Paleolithic Era Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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