Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations of Europe - Essay Example

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Life is known to exist on earth for more than 40 million years.But,the evolution of Man from his ape ancestors has been more recent.This species of primitive man was called the 'Homo Erectus.'Homo-Erectus not only walked straight on his two legs…
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Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations of Europe
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"Paleolithic and Neolithic civilizations of Europe"

Life is known to exist on earth for more than 40 million years. But, the evolution of Man from his ape ancestors has been more recent. This species of primitive man was called the 'Homo Erectus.' Homo-Erectus not only walked straight on his two legs. Other than Homo-Erectus, the 'Neanderthals' have also been found to inhabit what is today modern Europe. But both these species gave way to the new modern man 'Homo-Sapiens'. Pre-historic settlements have been found in France, and some settlements of very early periods hold evidence of even surgeries preformed.Primitive man gradually started learning the use of tools to aid his hunting and food gathering expeditions. This time-period is roughly estimated to have been from around 750,000 years ago, till about 15,000 years ago. This is called the Paleolithic age. It means the 'Old Stone Age'. The evolution of primitive man to his present, modern self can be classified roughly into three periods, Paleolithic, Mesolithic (The middle stone age), and Neolithic or the 'New Stone Age'. During the Mesolithic period, not much of advancement took place and the use of stone weapons remained fairly static. Consequently during the Neolithic period which is roughly from 10,000 years ago to 3500 years ago man mastered the art of carving tools out of stones.Fire was discovered accidentally, during the Paleolithic age. Man had not fully understood fire, though he found it fascinating and useful to protect himself against animals. Read More
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A civilization is included in the category of ancient civilizations if it holds a large number of historic places and cities which exhibit the influence of political and cultural characteristics of that time. Some of the major characteristics of ancient civilizations include high agricultural development, a centralized government, a written language, use of technology, legal codes, division of labor, social stratification, science, philosophy, and arts.
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Note that the Neolithic revolution embraced more than just agricultural practices. More importantly, it marked the beginning of sedentary or settled societies, which enabled greater food production thereby leading to greater population densities and the subsequent development of art, architecture, and civilization.
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The term refers to the “old stone” and the crudeness that the stone implements. However, the archeologists and the anthropologists use the same term to refer to the set of traits that these early people had in common. The Paleolithic were food-gatherers rather than producers, as they planted no vegetables but hunted berries and roots in the wild1.
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The Paleolithic or Stone Age dates back 8,000 years ago and is believed to have lasted for hundreds of thousands of years. Knowledge of the lifestyle and culture during this era was generated from material excavations. The paintings, crafts, utensils and other materials discovered give us a broad idea about the civilization in the Paleolithic community (Bentley and Herb).
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The Stone Age falls into two great divisions; the recent, called the Neolithic, characterized by axes of hard stone polished by rubbing; and the ancient or Paleolithic, in which stone, chiefly flint was worked by percussion. In the European Paleolithic, the chronological succession of epochs chiefly characterized by their industry has been distinguished.
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After introductory chapters on the nexus of history, archaeology and geography and conditions of humans during the Paleolithic and Neolithic Eras, the balance of the textbook addresses the history and
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The social and natural environmental considerations were multifarious and this discussion seeks only to discuss some of the most important factors such as geo-political location, technologies and socio-cultural development. Chronologically most of the existence of humans as a species has been spent in the Paleolithic, or Old Stone, Age which lasted for some 2 million years.
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