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It started in the 17th century to the 18th. It is characterized by uprisings in society, science, and politics (Stanford Encyclopidia of Philosophy). In the essay, Trickle down Enlightenment, a number…
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France History
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Download file to see previous pages He goes further to explain how the French revolution and Haitian revolution; influenced the eradication of slavery through enactment of new laws. His claim is valid, as well as the rationale she provides in establishing his argument.
In the essay, the writer has outlined the positive effects brought about by French revolution and Haiti revolution. As a way of illustrating, he argued that the French revolution has inspired the American Revolution. In addition, he has stated how declaration of freedom was written. It resulted into freedom from slavery in both Haiti and France. In my opinion, these illustrations were explained properly. Furthermore, the writers attempt to explain the hierarchy of leadership and challenges affecting the two countries; creates a clear impression. From my point of view, discrimination of slaves as being less human is ruthless. It goes a long way to affecting social aspects of an individual.
In conclusion, the writer’s argument was expressed clearly. However, the points offered were less. As stated before, the revolution of France was more important in terms of enacting new enlightenment principles; is certainly true. In my opinion, the argument was not properly covered; there was a need for more supportive points.
There was need to include extra materials on the related topic; this meant to play a significant role in shedding more light. Moreover, it would provide more points necessary in supporting the thesis statement. There are many sources of information regarding revolution of France and Haiti; although, my focus will be limited to sources with great depth of information. To start with, A Concise History of The Haitian Revolution provides a clear overview of the revolution in Haiti. It elaborates on the impacts of the revolution (Popkin 22). Secondly, The French Revolution of 1789 And Its Impact provides information about the factors that led to the revolution and its effects (Rubenstein 82). Finally, Haitian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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France History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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