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Bahrain is one of the most important country of the Middle East and Arab world and it holds its significance on account of its historical, cultural, religious and political background and affiliations. Based on the political backgrounds, it has had its constitution constituted…
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Bahrain History 2
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Download file to see previous pages It only got its independence from Great Britain early in the 1970s. It was only then when the Constitution was formulated along the lines of the needs of the people of the Bahrain and its historical and religious backgrounds.
While the country came into being in 1971 (Cavendish, 2006, 37), a fully functional constitution was placed into force in 1973. Under this constitution a unicameral legislature was brought into force. In this constitution there were two categories separately designated for the appointment of the ministers to the cabinet. While one quota was reserved for the ministers to be appointed from the royal family and of the noble class, the other category had the ministers to be appointed through the proper method of election and people’s appointment process. In this cadre the total numbers of ministers appointed were 30 in number. The name of the country was chosen for the Emirate of Bahrain.
The constitution of 1973 remained in force for a little time. While initially it was aimed for to be enacted for a longer period, the dream could not come true and due to the disagreements and turbulence in the political scenario, the constitution along with the assembly and the representative members were sent packing in no time. It was in 1975 that the constitution was termed abrogated and the country was being declared to be run in state of emergency (Mangold, 2013, 60). The first few articles were related to the declaration of the power in the country, the other articles were related to the civil society and social welfare and functioning articles and instructions. It consisted of a total of 109 articles which had the segment and space for the domestic affairs, the welfare, the foreign policy, the state affairs and all other basic components that were required for making the constitution a functional one.
Under each of the constitution the King is the head of the state, he is supported by the Prince who is from the same family. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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