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The revolutionary war was a military rebellion against the Great Britain undertaken by thirteen American colonies that came together as United States of America. However, during the battle, France, Netherlands and Spain joined the war taking their own sides…
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Early american history
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Early American History 3) The revolutionary war was a military rebellion against the Great Britain undertaken by thirteen American colonies that came together as United States of America. However, during the battle, France, Netherlands and Spain joined the war taking their own sides (Trevelyan, 1964, pp.23-57). The formation of this kind of allies made the conquest take the shape of the World War, considering the weapons used as well as the number of soldiers and mercenaries involved in the battlegrounds.
Careful study of the ancient history of the War reveals that the major concerns that led to the rebellion were poor leadership and taxation. Majority of the Americans felt that, if at all they had to pay some amount of tax, it was necessary that the government in return provided sufficient leadership through provision of public amenities for example (Trevelyan, 1964, pp.23-57). For this reason, I think that the American Revolution could have been avoided considering that the main reasons for the resistance was based on reasonable grounds.
The fact that the government in authority received taxes from each citizen, mandated the same entity, the responsibility of performing public duties through those funds offered by the individuals. In addition, the authority that is awarded the right to rule the citizens receives with it the mandate of honoring the individuals as respectable subjects of the institution. As such, it was expected that each citizen is treated with dignity and is made capable of enjoying the outcomes of an effective governing body. Abolishment of any set of legal systems that govern citizens would only result in anarchy and thus possibly promote a sense of rebellion from the subjects. If the transformation of the authority is necessary, it should occur gradually over time. These findings, therefore, reveal that the American Revolution would have been avoided in the case that proper governance was instilled.
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Trevelyan, G. O. (1964). The American Revolution. New York: D. McKay Co. Read More
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