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This was motivated with the lift of the restriction with America and Britain. Secondly, the increases of American bankruptcy lead to increase in several loans, reduced…
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ASSIGNMENT SEVEN 2 The War of 1812 contributed to several factors like the expansion of great trade over the unprotected seas. This was motivated with the lift of the restriction with America and Britain. Secondly, the increases of American bankruptcy lead to increase in several loans, reduced rates of currency, and highly contributed to the collapse of the nation’s currency level (Phillips 112). Lastly, a weak infrastructure made the nation in eager need of developed canals and roads. The collection of these publications and the eruption of commercial activity in the country caused in cultural patriotism that stimulated every discrete to succeed (Brinkley 98).
This 1819 financial fear was instigated by a non-operational Bank of the States, a severe reduction in the prices of cotton, the impoverishment of several factories because of the foreign rivalry, and the obligation by congress of payment of money circulation for purchases of land (Brinkley 99).
Nationalism in America was a reflection of the Post-World War Two. Nationalism was mainly expressed through increased nationwide satisfaction, the importance on national subjects, growth in national power and opportunity of the national state, and an increased sense of identity in America. Nationalism was mainly contributed by increase in patriotism, increase in political affiliations, economic factors, and cultural factors (Wilentz 54).
Wilentz stated that Jackson’s symbolism and policies contributed the two political systems in America (56). His symbolism has two major meanings, one, the two political systems and secondly the time of ethos. Jackson achieved his promise of increasing the inspiration of the community in the state without passionate disagreement over his approaches. His policies entailed stopping the national bank, expanding income, and eliminating Indians from the Southeast.
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ASSIGNMENT SEVEN 2 Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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