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Engineering and Construction: Video Switcher, logic circuits in electronics - Assignment Example

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Engineering and Construction: Video Switcher, logic circuits in electronics University Name Introduction We will begin our paper with the introductory part, describing assignment, then methodology that was applied, and a real life exmple of the circuit…
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Engineering and Construction: Video Switcher, logic circuits in electronics
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Download file to see previous pages Analogically, according to the assignment's conditions, the circuit can be demonstrated on veroboard or breadboard. Furthermore, circuit design must be provided properly, along with explanation of schematic components, EMI considerations for multifunction circuit, and PCB layout with Altium designer; also, there will be a circuit demonstration informing how automatic circuit is working, as well as manual circuit, both with a working of display. Secondly, let us figure out our methodology that will be exemplified in the current paper on digital electronics and logic circuits. Such methods are: critical analysis, sequencing, and synthesis. To begin with, critical analysis is needed everywhere in Engineering and Construction field of strict knowledge, especially in area of elements' sequencing in a right order to avoid circuit disorder, connection and communication problems, also high expenses of various resources. Therefore, we have seen that sequencing as one of the methods useful for the logical circuits, is connected to the previous one. Furthermore, synthesis as a crucial method must be presented sufficiently, as one of the best and strict principles for the right and effective functioning of the simple digital systems; simply, to apply methods of elements' sequencing used in one circuit to another could be regarded as operations that are possible only because of synthesis' method implementation. Thirdly, we have been asked by the assignment's conditions that were stated beforehand to give one example from the real life. Accordingly, let us discussed one situation of video switcher's building, descussed by Frank Montegari in his prominent article named “Build a Video Switcher.” (1997, Electronics Now Magazine) His article was divided into five parts or subdivisions, such as: intro, How it works, Circuit description, Construction, and Testing. Therefore, here we will be focused predominantly on third and fourth chapters of his text. Initially, he suggested that “a viable alternative for a video switcher is to build your own” (which aim corresponds directly with our own demands) (1997, Introduction), and, additionally, “the video switcher described here can display the output of two, three, or four cameras on a single monitor” (our video switcher MUX4T01 IC also must be connected with four cameras). Then, there are: video switcher Maxim MAX454, four way video multiplexer and an amplifier, video inputs (“selected by applying a binary number to the address inputs”), series of LEDs, 9-volt AC wall-adapter transformer, two diodes, and two voltage regulators (Montegari, 1997, How it works?). Moreover, we must give our suggestions on Montegari's digital circuit, exemplified in his chapters “Circuit description” and “Construction” of the given article. Primarily, “video cameras connect to the video inputs through J1-J4,” (look at the diagram attached to his article in the Electronics Now Magazine) and “feedback network consists of R5-R8 and C3.” (look at the diagram attached) In fact, the binary addressing circuit “is built around IC2, a CD4017 decade recorder,” (look at the attached diagram) and “the outputs from IC2 (pins 2,4, and 7) are also decoded into binary logic by diodes D1-D4” (look at the diagram attached). Definitely, “clock pulses for the counter are generated by IC3, an LMC555 CMOS ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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