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Electrical Engineering specialization on Circuit Design - Research Paper Example

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Electrical engineering is a field of study that makes use of innovations of science to come up and develop electrical systems, devices and components that are secure, consistent and realistic (Baker, 6). Some of the important practices that are performed by electrical engineers…
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Electrical Engineering specialization on Circuit Design
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Download file to see previous pages However, some choose not to be involved in engineering works as they are involved in such areas as purchasing and sales, human resource management and even law (Baker, 16). Often engineers specialize in different fields within the electrical engineering. Good examples of such discipline include control system and communications and more so the appliance parts such as aerospace, computer and medical and electric power supply and distribution (IIeee Transactions on Aerospace and Navigational Electronics, 62)
In this paper I will critically examine the current improvement position of art of for computer-aided design, equipment meant for analog and mixed signal integrated circuits (Huijsing, Johan, Rudy & Willy, 77). Due to increased technology and raise in the need for communication with outside world, there has been a lot of advances in design productivity and advance the superiority of analog integrated circuit through the introduction of a new digital system. In this paper I will look into various advances and progress in this field, the innovation and motivational factors and problems encountered
The current market microelectronics are featured by increasing complexities in the levels of integration, the coming up of ICs which are multi-million transistors. Such markets, markets for application-specific ICs denoted as (ASICs), application specific standard parts denoted as (ASSPs) and lastly the high-volume commodity ICs. Currently, a whole system which there before was in use one or more floorboard, through the advancement in technology, there has been a lot of integration of these devices into only some chips or even one chip (Baker, 77). Good examples of systems on a chip are such device as a one-chip TV or Camera or even the current integrated telecommunication system. Examples of this current telecommunication system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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