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The war was took place on the continents of Africa, Europe, Asia, and the high seas. According to Robert (192), the war resulted in the loss of universally with the worst hit…
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Western civilization class assignment (about 20th centrury)
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Download file to see previous pages iii) During the war, it happened that African Americans, women, and the Mexican Americans were able to find new opportunities in the industry. However, the Japanese who were living on the Pacific coast relocated to internment camps.
According to Robert (143), the difference in the Allie’s visions of postwar Europe had a basis on the divergent intentions of each country that was involved. The Soviet Union intended to make Europe communistic. In this way, it would be easier for her to rule Europe. However, this was not possible as it portrayed a lust for power on the Soviet Union’s side. The United Kingdom also wanted the USA and Europe to cooperate with its ideas and policies but, again, this was not possible. Moreover, France wanted Europe to be free from the USA as was portrayed in her bid to establish the European Union.
The result of these differences was the emergence of the Cold War, for instance, between the USA and the Soviet Union in their bid to have control over Europe. The Cold War saw countries like China and Japan getting closer to the Western countries to avoid the war-pact Soviet Union and its allies (Robert, 167).
The independence of the European colonies came from the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union. There was a creation of new countries during this period with some full of natural resources while others desperately poor. This change led to the loss of interest in these nations by their European colonizers. The Cold War complicated the US support for decolonization though it continued with the war to prevent Soviet Union’s domination in Europe. All the US’ European allies believed that after their recovery from WW II, their colonies would provide markets and raw materials for the growth of Europe’s economy. However, the American government’s intention clearly showed that it was on the opinion of letting the colonies slip away. This factor ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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