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The aspect of the adventure has been taken imperative and practical by a Dutch sailor who takes a period of time to sail within the specified time. Happen through a…
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Assignment for East Asian Civilization: Korea class
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“East Asian Civilization: Korea" Hamel’s journal is an exemplification of a fascinating account of the Choson dynasty in the 17th century. The aspect of the adventure has been taken imperative and practical by a Dutch sailor who takes a period of time to sail within the specified time. Happen through a massive expanse of water under instruction and punishment of the severe weather and climate. The journal is a nice read. It fascinates through its exemplification of episodes, one after the other. Epsidodes are done and executed by the envoy occupying the entire sailing. It is a real life story; hence this makes sense since whatever took place is practical and with no cast of doubt. Reading an article involving human men being beaten on their buttocks is surely fascinating.
One surprising thing about Hamel is the fact that he is curious and yet considerate to the course of nature and duty. He makes a tedious journey through the waters with no fear of the impending danger. He came from a lucrative but yet struggling society which was guided by strict law and customary connotations of living. He lives in hard times of adventure and exploration. He is guided by his believes and religious practices of the society he comes from. This journal is of immense importance in the store of literature. It has exposed its credibility in analysis of literature materials and episodes therein. The book replicates on the woman life in adventures. Hamel encounters women as one of his core interactive elements of the adventure. He takes lesson of them. The rule of the king, the issuance of orders and punishments, all surround the man, his religion, and make up of life (Roeper et. al. 25).
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Roeper, V., Walraven, Boudewijn and Buys, Jean-Paul. Hamels World: A Dutch-Korean Encounter in the Seventeenth Century. New York: Sun, 2003. Print. Read More
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