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What is the connection between Renaissance Humanism and the Protestant Reformation - Essay Example

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This is because the latter eclipses from the former in that both had some influence on the broader cultural belief. Although they are closely related, protestant reformation is an…
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What is the connection between Renaissance Humanism and the Protestant Reformation
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"What is the connection between Renaissance Humanism and the Protestant Reformation"

Download file to see previous pages Martin Luther, who was a staunch reformist, was certainly for this belief, but for him and other reformists, these ideals gave rise to political considerations. As a result of this, the aspects of renaissance humanism that had been incorporated in the protestant reformation, were fossilized with time. Then later Renaissance humanism, led to new advances in thought, but protestant reformation, was static to a large extent. This was in a clear reason to maintain a strong opposition to the Catholics in Rome. (McGrath, 1987. Pg 107)
A good example of a protestant belief that is taken from the Renaissance humanism and later was fossilized is the protestant rejection of the deuterocanonical books that is; Sirach, Baruch, wisdom, Judith, etc. this are the extra books in the catholic bible. (McGrath, 1985. Pg 81)
Again the Renaissance humanism had started in the early 100 hundred years. This was before the protestant reformation. The renaissance humanism had influenced churchmen and the whole society at large. When Reformation began, there were many members of the Cardinals College who had already been in the Renaissance humanism and were pushing for change in the Catholic Church in Rome. These were the likes of Cardinal Cajetan, who had opposed Martin Luther at the Diet of Augsburg. Therefore, when reformation started, it was quickly absorbed by the European rulers. These Rulers cynically endorsed reformation for political purposes. (Lucas 1986. Pg ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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