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He developed ideas that suited many, through this he manage to win over the southern parts of his territory as he was able to minimize hostility within them. His ideas favored human…
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History question
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Nixon found the best after the war by developing conservative strategies that suited his regime. He developed ideas that suited many, through this he manage to win over the southern parts of his territory as he was able to minimize hostility within them. His ideas favored human rights; hence he was able to unite his people. Racism was his main area of concern. He fought it with power and determination which enable him get support from leading personnel in the land and even citizens.
His concerns about Vietnam state of affairs also made him gain much favors during post war. He wanted to restore law and order in the country which ensures people stays harmoniously and also championed for what was perceived as morally right in Vietnam traditions was among his achievements. This made him popular hence could go to achieve a lot more.
There was constitutional crisis in the region which Nixon worked hard to restore. Presidential elections had been marred by corruption and rigging, which Nixon ensured no more of that when the then South Dakota senator George McGovern was elected as the president democratically. In 1964, Nixon was more popular than even the president as he had 60.7% votes except Massachusetts where he came second. Democrats also required good representations in their states which were to gather for women and youths in their states.
Grass root conservative movement emergence was brought by a number of issues. Lyndon Jonson victory in 1964 election results significantly mastermind rise of conservative movements as people didn’t believe there was transparency. There were also grassroots movements unions which were growing which had enabled Barry Goldwater win nominations. These unions comprises middle class men and women from south and west, college students and young Americans who were fighting for freedom as they believe justice were not done during election. Some states were dominated by white people, who were highly skilled; strong economically with high security had angered the minority which took it as discrimination as they were not given same opportunities. Women changing roles were also his concern as he aligned himself with those who were against the idea.
Nixon main area of concern was at racial discrimination, poverty and equality among the citizens. This made his famous among the middle and law class who were feeling the pressure as he fought for their rights. Through this, he manages to come out stronger which later became the base of his political career.
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Mergel, Sarah K. Conservative Intellectuals and Richard Nixon. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010. Internet resource. Read More
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