Motivations of War in History - Assignment Example

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  This assignment "Motivations of War in History" discusses the actions of the Normans, the charge of the Pope and his armies and other crusading armies detailed in the reading can be reduced to the desire to plunder material goods, land, and expand territories. …
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Motivations of War in History
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  The Pope’s attempt to conquer Apulia was encouraged by ambition and prospects of material gain in the course of the contest (History Week 8 14). The Normans also sought to establish and expand their land possession, which was the overarching objective of attacking other territories and sealing agreements with various rulers at the height of their power.
The author admires courage and bravery throughout the text. His narrations are particularly favorable towards rulers and counts who demonstrated great valour in battle even when the odds appeared to be going against them. For instance, the quality of courage he attaches to the character of the Normans is evident throughout the different actions of conquest in which they engaged. Particularly, the author reserved the kindest and glorious tribute to the courageous actions of Count William who even rose and backed up his people while still suffering from a fever (History Week 8 12). Such actions are brought out in vivid descriptions that even tend to portray the characters as some kind of super-humans who went beyond the call of duty for the sake of higher purposes. Consistently, the people of courage do not portray avarice but are instead described as generous and wise by the author.

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(Motivations of War in History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 321 Words)
Motivations of War in History Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 321 Words.
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