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This paper analyzes the close relationship that the Spanish had with the Chinese when they entered south East Asia colonies. This paper agrees that there was a distant relationship between the Dutch and British compared to the Chinese and Spaniards and this can be attributed to religion…
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Southeast Asia Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages According to Antonio Pigafetta, the opening of the sea route to South East Asia across to the pacific had a great impact in allowing the Spanish to rule over the South East Asians. According to this author religion played a major role in to create the close relationship between the Spanish and the Spaniards. This is because as the Spaniards traveled over to South East Asia their main objective was to convert people to Christianity besides trading. For this reason, most of the Chinese failed to convert because of their strong religious background based in Islam. However, their belief and trust in God created a close relationship between these two parties. This also ensured that the Chinese had no close relationship with their rulers especially the British and the Dutch. It is believed that the cruel nature of the Dutch and the British created a poor relationship between them and the Chinese. In addition to this, the Dutch and British were more civilized something that also created a big disparity amongst them and their slaves. According to Antonio who was an Italian Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, Magellan instructed all Christians to engage in public conversions (Gullick 18). These conversions laid a basic foundation that was followed by a lot of Roman Catholics from Philippines spreading the gospel. It is believed that this association is what led to a close relationship between the Dutch and the Spaniards.
On the other hand the Chinese were so involved in their traditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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