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The Case Of Prostitution Among Women - Research Paper Example

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The research "The Case Of Prostitution Among Women" focuses on the case of prostitution among females as a form of violation of social norms. This paper has presented how society sees prostitution among women as a deviant case and how the society manages deviance of prostitution…
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The Case Of Prostitution Among Women
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Download file to see previous pages For some streetwalkers, it is because of the sexual abuse they have experienced in their past. For some, it is because they have to resort on this kind of work in order to sustain a living. But regardless of whatever reason that has made these women to be in prostitution and despite their occurrence in each part of the world, this is not the society expects them to behave. They should not be functioning in the world of prostitution. Because these women have failed to follow the normative standards of society, these women who are often labelled by people as prostitutes, streetwalkers, sluts, whores, and a lot more other terms which make them be stereotyped. Indeed, these labels are just constructions of the society. These labels we used to call these women are certainly disapproving, undesirable and making them be excluded even though we really do not recognize what has caused them to be like that. People just know that the kind of people they are should not be respected for they have been a shame and a disgrace to the women and the rest of society. People are used to stereotyping them. People think of them as individuals whom should not be liked. People are seeing them as lower beings for these women have violated the rules imposed by society. The women have reached the limits of what is insisted by society to be acceptable. The process of being labelled is an important theory in explaining why these women are considered deviant. As for Becker’s (1999) conceptualization, labelling theory has assisted to their current state of being deviant because society has already defined and associated their identities with these labels such as prostitutes, streetwalker, sluts and whores. Their deviant act of...
The Labelling Theory
The process of being labeled is an important theory in explaining why these women are considered deviant. As for Becker’s (1999) conceptualization, labeling theory has assisted to their current state of being deviant because society has already defined and associated their identities with these labels such as prostitutes, streetwalker, sluts, and whores. Their deviant act of selling their bodies in exchange for money is reinforced by the labels that the society gives them. There are different origins of labeling, however, in their case, these women have acquired the labels because of engaging in the act of prostitution. The various labels people have associated with them are consequences of their non-standard behavior of resorting to paid sex. However, it is important to note that these labels are flexible and the intensity of labeling is affected by a specific society, the individual who gives labels, and the individual who is being labeled.
Living with Stigma
Nevertheless, labeling these women is not enough means of showing how the society disapproves their behavior. Women who are engaging in this kind of sexual labor are suffering from the social stigma. In the examination of the experiences of 14 women in the realm of prostitution, Sallman’s (2010) finds out that these women do not only suffer from different kinds of labeling but also undergo violence and discrimination of various sorts. Their involvement in prostitution has originated to their everyday experience of social stigma. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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