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Industrialization is defined as the period during which a group of people transforms from agrarian to industrial society due to a change in economic and social status. The economic and social status occurs due to the innovation of technology, which leads to the development of…
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EARLY INDUSTRIALIZATION IN PHILADELPHIA EARLY INDUSTRIALIZATION IN PHILADELPHIA Industrialization is defined as the periodduring which a group of people transforms from agrarian to industrial society due to a change in economic and social status. The economic and social status occurs due to the innovation of technology, which leads to the development of industries and mainly the development of a large scale energy and production of metallurgy. Industrialization introduces a philosophical change making people acquire different attitudes in their view of nature and the sociological course of the pervasive justification. In the centenary year of 1876, Philadelphia hosted a hundred years of celebration of America in industrial and cultural development progress (Exhibition, 2012).
Popularly known as the Global Exhibition of Arts, the culture associates with the manufacture of mine and soil products. The exhibition is the first most important universal Fair held in the United States, which took place on 10th May 1876 occupying a two hundred and eighty five acre tract of the Fairmount Park thus overlooking the river Schuylkill (Exhibition, 2012). The twenty seven year old German immigrant by the name of Hermann J. Schwarzmann had an opportunity to design the fairgrounds that he did exclusively. The ground hosted thirty seven nations and many industrial exhibitions which occupied over two hundred and fifty pavilions belonging to individuals (Exhibition, 2012). The exhibition attracted almost nine million visitors while the population of the United States was forty six million.
The exhibition had a lasting accomplishment as there was the introduction of industrial Universal power in America. The industrial power concealed the potency and production of many industrialized nations. Philadelphia became the central city the industrial and cultural practices in America (Exhibition, 2012). The visitors attending the exhibition loomed the fairgrounds mostly from east by means of either horse-drawn trolley or the railway across the today Gerald Avenue Bridge (Exhibition, 2012). There was a glass and steel dome of the Memorial Hall on the Schuylkill river near the exhibition grounds whose flag- studded the towers of the major building grew as the wooded slope of Fairmount Park. The complete site and size of the structures are breathtaking in their natural setting (Exhibition, 2012).
As advised, the visitors arrived from the Railway of Pennsylvania Depot recognized as the Parkside Avenue today. They were to arrive promptly for the opening at 9:00 AM, and they had to pay fifty cents for entrance (Exhibition, 2012). The amount was payable through paper scrip only causing endless hardship to the people without the appropriate note. The huge Bartholdi Foundation between the main exhibition and the Machinery Hall drew attention to the visitors (Exhibition, 2012). From this antiquated point, the first visitor had one of the three objective impressions for viewing the Foundation. The objectives of the visitor transpired as to either hurry to the center of the machinery hall to bear witness to the start-up of the engine of Corliss Centennial Steam, cross the square following the right- hand direction for the visit of the Public Comfort Sector or board the west end narrow- gauge railway at the cost of five cents for the outlook of the whole fairground (Exhibition, 2012).
Philadelphia was an agrarian society until the host of the international exhibition of arts. The exhibition attracted over nine million visitors and forty six million of the American population (Exhibition, 2012). The fairground was exclusively designed and hosted visitors from at least thirty-seven countries. The city grew and became the center of cultural and industrial development in America. America as a new industrial world power concealed the already established industrial powers and rates the nation among the best super powers in the world today (Exhibition, 2012).
Exhibition, C. (2012). Philadelphia International Exhibition, 1876, Mexican Section: Special Catalogue and Explanatory Notes. New York: Nabu Press. Read More
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