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Why did the colonists want independence from England - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "Why did the colonists want independence from England?" explores the history of England. Reportedly, though England had ruled over the colonies for more than seven years to protect them from France, the colonists wanted independence from England. …
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Why did the colonists want independence from England
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Why did the colonists want independence from England

Download file to see previous pages... Another reason for independence is that the colonists did not view themselves as British. They considered themselves as Americans since they had lived in America all their life. England also kept a close eye on them on every move. They were kept under watch like children and they did not like it. England also ignored their attempts to address their grievances. They ruled them the way they wanted and not in collaboration. The religious issues between the British and colonialists also caused differences and brought thoughts of independence.Politically, the colonists wanted representation in the government, which the British did not allow. Due to lack of representation, they felt oppressed by the rules passed by the government. The colonists wanted a government formed and governed by themselves (Hyser and Arndt 36). They wanted to rule themselves and form their own rules and laws. They also wanted to prove to France that they could win the war and they were ready to help them. Forming an alliance with French government also gave them hope for victory and they thought it better to fight for independence.Economically, England was imposing high taxes on the colonists, which they did not like. In addition to this, England did not allow them to trade with other countries (Hyser and Arndt 88). They were only confined to trade with England on all the goods they wanted to trade which they did not want. These reasons made them crave for independence, which they got through revolting and fighting. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Washington DcC Taxation Without Representation
The second half of the paper will discuss how this phrase still applies today in the situation going on in Washington D.C. Going back to 1763 our country was still under the rule of England. George Grenville was the Lord of Treasury at the time. Grenville felt there should be more tax burden upon the colonists because England was defending them.
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The expectations of English colonists in Chesapeake and New England
The Expectations of English Colonists in Chesapeake and New England. Captain John Smith had in fact challenged the rationale of the English attempt to Christianize, civilize, and educate Native American Indians. This fact attests to the possibility that the people of Chesapeake and New England in the 16th and 17th centuries were not as the English colonists initially expected: uncivilized, uneducated, and irreverent.
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The Declaration of Independence in the American Legal System

The author states that the laws of the United States which currently govern Americans’ private and working lives, in several spheres, have radically changed over the last two hundred-and-thirty-five years. When lawyers speak of the English legal system they are referring to the unified legal system of England and Wales. 

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A Review of William Cronons Changes in the Land: Indians, Colonists, and the Ecology of New England
While the Europeans practiced land ownership either purchased from the natives or granted by the Crown, the native Indians believed in rights to territories. The act of land granting by the Crown showed how it disregarded the ownership of land by the natives and the land use system back in Europe.
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Events that Led to the Revolutionary War
As a practical matter, however, the overt parting of the ways between England and America began in 1763, more than a century and a half after the first permanent settlement had been founded at Jamestown, Virginia (Bowen, 1950). The colonies had grown vastly in economic strength and cultural attainment, and virtually all had long years of self-government behind them.
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On the Chesapeake Colonists
Debating whether the early colonists of the Chesapeake Region were lazy, ignorant and unambitious could be difficult to view after thousands of years.Those who consider the colonists as lazy point out that the colonists have totally different cultures to the native settlers of the land.
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Understanding the Chesapeake Colonists
As the paper highlights, one could not really know the difficulties early colonists of the Chesapeake Region could have endured, especially so that they were trying to survive in a foreign land. To say that the first groups of colonizers to the region were ignorant, lazy and unambitious would be cruel without an in-depth look at their situation during those times. 
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In 1765 English parliament required a new, small tax, to aid in compensating for the expenditures of the new colonies. This tax was not intended to anger anyone; it was the traditional and typical sort of tax that the King
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Empires were once considered good, stable places to live. Who or what was to blame for the American rebellion against British Empire according to the Declaration of Independence After declaring independence in 1776, how did the colonists go about framing
All in all, the colonies considered the King’s rule to be tyrannical. It is important to note that the revolution was a success and in the year 1776, Americans gained independence. According to the Declaration of Independence, the principal reason for the
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American Revolution
They thus wanted to make colonists in the Americas to foot the cost and help in the payment. British policies introduced during the process of the revolution were intended to raise revenue to pay for the cost of
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