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The author of this essay "Why did the colonists want independence from England?" explores the history of England. Reportedly, though England had ruled over the colonies for more than seven years to protect them from France, the colonists wanted independence from England. …
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Why did the colonists want independence from England
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Why did the colonists want independence from England?
Though England had controlled and ruled over the colonies for more than seven years to protect them from France, the colonists had many reasons why they wanted independence from England. Over the years, the colonists had faced oppression and mistreatment socially, politically and economically and wanted independence (Hyser and Arndt 23).
Socially, the colonists were worried to be ruled by England because they had seen what England had done to other countries (Saddleback Educational Pub 26). They felt that England only wanted to exploit their resources. In addition to this, the long distance between the king and the colonies caused little link between the rulers and the subjects. A message from the king would reach the colonies after 8 weeks while travelling on ship. This was very slow and made the colonies solve problems for themselves. With this, they thought it wise to stay independent. Another reason for independence is that the colonists did not view themselves as British. They considered themselves as Americans since they had lived in America all their life. England also kept a close eye on them on every move. They were kept under watch like children and they did not like it. England also ignored their attempts to address their grievances. They ruled them the way they wanted and not in collaboration. The religious issues between the British and colonialists also caused differences and brought thoughts of independence (Hyser and Arndt 44).
Politically, the colonists wanted representation in the government, which the British did not allow. Due to lack of representation, they felt oppressed by the rules passed by the government. The colonists wanted a government formed and governed by themselves (Hyser and Arndt 36). They wanted to rule themselves and form their own rules and laws. They also wanted to prove to France that they could win the war and they were ready to help them. Forming an alliance with French government also gave them hope for victory and they thought it better to fight for independence (Saddleback Educational Pub 26).
Economically, England was imposing high taxes on the colonists, which they did not like. In addition to this, England did not allow them to trade with other countries (Hyser and Arndt 88). They were only confined to trade with England on all the goods they wanted to trade which they did not want. These reasons made them crave for independence, which they got through revolting and fighting (Saddleback Educational Pub 26).
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