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Information forwarded to your customer support section via e-mail - Essay Example

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This war is also known as the war between the two states. The war took place to prevent the segregation of North and South. The main origin of the war was the slavery system in all parts of…
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Information forwarded to your customer support section via e-mail
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Extract of sample "Information forwarded to your customer support section via e-mail"

Download file to see previous pages The war remained on the surface for four years, and soon became the major highlighting issue in the history of America.
The main cause of the war occurred, when the African Americans took stand and refused to tolerate the slavery system any more. They wanted to be treated as the part of US society on equal basis. The blacks used to be treated so roughly and harshly in all the fields. They weren’t even allowed to take part in the US army.They used to be admitted in the army for the purpose of cooking, guards, and menservants. At the times of dangerous battles they used to be pushed in the front lines to face the hardships. Even the white society used to serve blacks as slaves. They used to consider them as weak and soulless. The rich whitepeople wanted to overrule the society. Slavery wasn’t the cause alone to drive the civil war. Another major cause was the high tariffs imposed on the Southern as compared to the Northern, on the goods and services brought into the country from the foreign countries. State’s Rights was another issue to cause the civil war, when the power of the Federal governments was changing. And the population of North was much increasing than the Southern. The Southern believed that state laws carried more weight than the Federal laws. African Americans were also served as slaves in the large plantations such as, cotton to perform the duties. Rich white Americans used to hire black slaves in their houses for the tasks like, sweeping, washing, cooking etc. Slaves were also used to be rented, traded or sold to pay the debts. The person containing the high number of slaves used to be treated with respect and obedience. Slaves were used as the property of individuals and businesses. Slavery was made as the destiny of Southern economy; no other option was left for them. Such enforcement of slavery system made the African American so tired and intolerable, which resulted in shape of civil ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information Forwarded to Your Customer Support Section via E-Mail Essay.
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