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Weber or Foucault - Essay Example

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Michael Foucault was a French Philosopher who dealt mostly with theories addressing power and knowledge and how it is used as a form of social control through the societal institutions. According to Foucault social control is through control several special resources in the…
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Weber or Foucault
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Extract of sample "Weber or Foucault"

Weber of Foucault Michael Foucault was a French Philosopher who dealt mostly with theories addressing power and knowledge and how it is used as a form of social control through the societal institutions. According to Foucault social control is through control several special resources in the society. His theories are evident in various forms in the world. For example, in February, 2014, the UN raised accusation on North Korea of crimes against humanity according to Peter Walker a columnist with the guardian. The country has been able to attain social control through controlling the media which is highly regulated. Through this people in North Korea lack proper knowledge of what is happening. They also do not enjoy the freedom of speech something that has been widely criticized.
North Korea has been on the spotlight in the recent for cases of human rights violations. It is impossible to establish the full extent of the violations but the country has been on the spot over different kind of violation affecting human rights according to Paul Walker. It has also been realized that the extent of human rights violation is accelerated by lack of awareness. North Korea’s constitution has been accused on infringing on human rights (Walker). Currently the freedom of speech has been limited to radio stations, televisions and music providers who are legally owned by government or government operated. Moreover, humans have been subjected to forced labor as prisoners in concert ration camps in North Korea. As a foreigner it has been difficult to access this country with more strict rules which monitor every visitor in that country. The situation is worse for aid workers who are under constant surveillance and scrutiny as well as exclusion from certain government facilities.
In conclusion this is a good article which relates to how power and knowledge can be used as a tool of social control according to Foucault.
Works Cited
Walker, Peter. UN to accuse North Korea of crimes against humanity. 14 February 2014. 2014 . Read More
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