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Flags of our fathers: by james bradley and ron powers - Book Report/Review Example

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The impacts that war have on a global perspective have also been significant areas of study. Ancient wars as well as modern wars have all been fought in the quest for freedom. Some of the notable…
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Flags of our fathers: by james bradley and ron powers
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Extract of sample "Flags of our fathers: by james bradley and ron powers"

Flags of Our Fathers The world’s wars have been studied all over the world in Social Study es. The impacts that war have on a global perspective have also been significant areas of study. Ancient wars as well as modern wars have all been fought in the quest for freedom. Some of the notable historic wars include the First and Second World Wars, the Civil War, the American Revolution, the Vietnam War, the Persian Gulf War, and the Korean War among others. Wars have, therefore, become essential topics to be taught in schools. It is therefore, arguable that this was the motive behind the book, The Flags of our Fore Fathers. The book captures a seemingly unforgettable chronicle of apparently the most well-known moment in the history of America. In his book, James Bradley captures the triumph, the glory, the legacy, and the glory of six men who managed to raise the flag of Iwo Juma. The images portrayed in the story symbolize the indomitable will and courage of America.
The Flags of our Fathers by James Bradley has constantly been defined as the bestselling non-fiction story. It is not just a regular memoir, but a snapshot of a significant sector of the lives of the characters involved. The author pieced it together by use of diaries, records, accounts of eyewitnesses, as well as pictures. It is notable that although the facts and events are true, the author is not part of the story. The tale is composed of six characters, who are known as the six flag raisers on Iwo Juma. These simple American boys are struggling with the attempt to create a difference by taking part in the Second World War, and defend their homes.
War is one of the significant themes that arise in the book. This is because the main characters are engaged in war in defence of their families. ‘As children, these boys did not know each other’(23). They only got to know each other and grow to be brothers for the rest of their lives with the heat of the war. Friendship and unity also arise here as they grow closer to each other with the war. They watch over each other in the course of the war. They are faced with a variety of challenges, but as a result of their unity, they learn to overcome them and manage to go down together in history. They learned from the first day in war that everything they did depended entirely on their unity.
Brutality, pain and suffering are also significant themes that arise in the book. The six men are brutally attacked and tortured throughout the war. The conditions in the war were terrible and the morale was low. Several US marines however, managed to climb Mount Surabachi, which was a Japanese resistance Centre, and raised an American flag, exposing it for all to see. ‘They climbed the mountain and raised the flag for all to see’ (101). Joe Rosenthal took a photo of the six men who raised the flag and captured the events of the moment. The book goes into detailed information and tells the stories of each of the men’s life in the battle as they went through the experiences of the horrors of war. At one point, the writer talks about how his friend was taken by the Japanese and brutally tortured. ‘They took him and brutally tortured him.’ (221). The intensity of the suffering and brutality is evidenced by the fact that the author says that several of the men could not stand the sights and sank into depression, while others dependent on alcohol. There was only one man who lived an untroubled life by completely locking out the memories of the disturbing part of his life. He also never spoke of the war, and never publicly appeared after the war. This last section of the book tells of how violent and traumatizing the events of the war were.
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Bradley, James and Powers, Ron. Flags of Our Fathers: Heroes of Iwo Jima. New York: Random House Childrens Books. 2012. 1-224. print. Read More
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