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This article assumes that teachers and parents should allow girls to influence each other positively. He encourages already educated women to convey their ideas of knowledge to others. Also about other professional women who will be useful to society…
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The Profession of Woman
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Download file to see previous pages On the other hand, she advised the teachers to prepare students in such a way that they communicate their intellectual ideas with the third party who might either be an ignorant child or a friend ready to give a listening ear. The article was written by Catherine Beecher who was a member of an illustrious family that was new in England. She was also the founder of Hartford female seminary. She wrought this article because she wanted to create awareness of the female education. She wanted to promote and encourage the provision of female higher education in the United States. She had had the intention of promoting girls to pursue their education to higher levels. She also intended to make people know that it is the responsibility of the parent, teacher, and friends to shape the social, moral and intellectual character of an individual. The intended audience of Catherine is the teachers, parents and the girl child. She says that it is up to mothers and teachers to shape up and guide the growth of the female children, but it is up to the children themselves to form their physical habits and influence their friends positively.
There are three major points that come out strongly in this article. The first one is teachers should prepare the students to share their knowledge with others. In the article, it is written that “….defect in education is that it has not been made a definite object with teachers to prepare their pupils to instruct others. For of how comparatively little value is knowledge laid up in the mind if it is never to be imparted to others, and yet how few have ever been taught to communicate their ideas with facility and propriety. That there is the best way of teaching as well as of doing everything else cannot be disputed, and this can no more be learned by intuition than can any of the mechanical arts. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Profession of Woman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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