The topic is a review on McPherson. james M what they fought fough for 1861-1865 - Book Report/Review Example

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McPherson focuses on individual soldiers and draws out what motivated them to fight. He has drawn from over a thousand personal diaries and letters from Confederate and…
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The topic is a book review on McPherson. james M what they fought fough for 1861-1865
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Download file to see previous pages The book ‘What They Fought For’ focuses on peer pressure, concepts of duty, group cohesion, male bonding, discipline, coercion and functions of leaders. The general expression of civil war was that the majority of the soldiers never knew what they were fighting for.
Recent study of psychology and the view of civil soldiers present ideological awareness among soldiers. But some authors wrote of how soldiers, when on the line of duty was about surviving and not patriotism (Wiley 1943).
The book features a young Virginia officer who wrote many letters to his mother comparing the North’s war of suppression against south to England’s war against the colonies. He believes Confederation will win the war as tyranny cannot in nineteenth prosper. An enlisted man in Texas cavalry regiment writes to his sister how they had dissolved alliances for liberty and independence. Great patriotic holidays inspired such sentiments in letters and diaries of southern soldiers. 1962 Washington’s Birthday, a 5th Alabama Infantry captain wrote to his mother. ‘Wrongs complained by my forefathers were much greater”. A Kentuckian in his diary wrote about George Washington leadership against tyranny. Victories of Confederate were boosted by eventual victory. During a retreat, a captain in northern Virginia wrote to his wife ...’what a calamity’…” we must add even more energy to conquer or die”. During a period of confederate reverse a farmer’s son wrote “instead of feeling despondent, let’s compare the situation to that of our ancestors. We are contending liberty they had achieved long age in the revolution”.
According to the book, confederates fought for their independent, their way of life and protection of property. A war clerk wrote ‘our men will have to win to protect our freedom, country and property’. The reason why the Yankees continued fighting is partly contained in Abraham Lincoln speech. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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