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Egypt Rome and ancient China - Essay Example

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This essay focuses on Egypt, Rome, and ancient China which were among the first civilizations originating between 3500 and 3000 B.C. In Mesopotamia and Egypt, a theme of religion was common in their daily lives in that they shared a common trust and belief in the Supreme Being…
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Egypt Rome and ancient China
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Extract of sample "Egypt Rome and ancient China"

Egypt Rome and ancient China
Egypt, Rome and ancient China were among the first civilizations originating between 3500 and 3000 B.C. Despite this similarity, their geographical locations differ in that the Mesopotamia is located between Euphrates and Tigris while Egypt lies within the Nile Valley. The two regions have much in common. For instance, in Mesopotamia and Egypt, a theme of religion was common in their daily lives in that they shared a common trust and belief in the Supreme Being (Leakey 23).
Egyptian civilization
In Egypt, people build up settlements along riverbanks. The main activity of inhabitants of this area was agriculture, which depended on seed production. The practice of agriculture was the basis of civilization in this area. Practice of agriculture made it easy and possible for man to lead a sedentary life or permanent life. Farming was developed in this area around 6500 B.C whereby people living in communities ceased from moving around in search of food or herding their livestock. Once people managed to control food production, they were assured of reliable supply of it, which eventually changed their lives completely. Additionally, discovery of mathematics was an outgrowth of agriculture. In this sense, people began to study movement of celestial bodies and hence were able to calculate seasons. In the process, they created earliest calendars. Use of calendars, made it possible for people to calculate when the next planting season would occur. The use of several measurements led to good record keeping and in the process, writing was invented. This civilization developed because of picture writing. Picture writing represented both objects and sounds of the reader. A good example of this writing is the Egyptian hieroglyphics, a term used to mean sacred carvings since many of the ancient writing were inscribed on stone (Bentley and Ziegler 45).
Ancient China
The first light of Chinese human progress uncovered itself 7,000 to 8,000 years back, as showed by the remnants of the Daxi Culture in Sichuan and Hubei regions, the Majiapang Culture in Jiangsu and Zhejiang territories, the Hemudu Culture in eastern Zhejiang and the Yangshou Culture along the center spans of the Yellow River and its principle tributaries. As stated by legend, the primitive tribes that possessed the center and upper spans of the Yellow River were bound together into two effective tribes under the Yellow Emperor and Fiery Emperor, and started their push southward 5,000 years back. After years of warfare, they prevailed over the Sanmiao and Jiuli tribes dynamic in south China under the administration of Chi You. A piece of the crushed tribe was fused into the tribes under the Yellow and Fiery rulers to turn into a part a piece of the Han individuals, which denoted the start of the Chinese country (Bentley and Ziegler 89).
Roman civilization
The ancient Rome was an empire built by the Romans who acquired this by conquering most countries. The empire spread from Rome to other parts of Europe as well as Africa. The Romans followed a thriving civilization that developed from the Italian Peninsula in the early 8th century. The roman civilization grew from monarchy to an aristocratic empire; still in the present times the influence attributed to the Romans still exists. The Romans had distinct history that got insight from their present and future which was similarly embraced (Leakey 56). They established a positive image which was put in place hence meaning a sense of confidence, optimism and the ability to act and present the type of world that they desired.
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