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The Columbian Exchange - Essay Example

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However, the problem was that they were expensive so not everyone could afford it, also the Spanish did not like that it came from Muslims and Jews…
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The Columbian Exchange
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"The Columbian Exchange"

Download file to see previous pages It is noted that the fish were very expensive and so this factor did not give everyone the path to get the species. Apart from being expensive, the Spanish, who by then were the most interested people to get the fish, did not like the fact that the fish came from Jews and Muslims. It seems then that there was a sense of rejection between the two communities with the Spanish.
Since the Spanish wanted to be connected with the species, the only option was to look somewhere else where the same kinds of species could be found (Wilford, pg78). The immediate alternative was the indie, and so they planned their way to that destination, and Columbus being the torchbearer. First, before gearing up to the land where they could get the longed for species, Columbus was to get permission from both the Queen and the King (Mann, pg25). Columbus did not succeed in getting the permission to invade the land from the two on the first request, though he kept persisting until the ninth time, when he was given the go ahead. With the small ships he got from the authority, Columbus knew the dream has come true and so he sailed to the Indie in the year 1492. The whole missing hard challenges, as according to the records, he made four trips to the Southern America and Caribbean (Mann, pg11).
On October 11 in the year 1492, Columbus landed the Caribbean Islands and there he landed capturing the local Taino Indians and later trading them as slaves. The above marked the first trip. The second one was much bigger and took place one year later after the first visit. Still hoping to get Indians and trade with as slaves as well as hoping to loot gold, he persisted in his journey and invasions.
Notably, 1498 was the year that marked the third expedition of the Columbus. He is acknowledged to be the first European to set his foot on the American Mainland. According to scholars, it is worth noting that the above three dynamics portended future trends. Columbus had no ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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