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The encounter between the Europeans and the American Indians - Essay Example

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This short paper “The encounter between the Europeans and the American Indians” shall compare and contrast two primary sources that discuss the encounter between Europeans and Amerindians and determine the reliability of these accounts. Also he talks about the cultural interaction between them…
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The encounter between the Europeans and the American Indians
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Extract of sample "The encounter between the Europeans and the American Indians"

Download file to see previous pages The first source is divided into three phases. The first phase talked about the exploration and contact of the Europeans with the Amerindians till 1600, the second phase talked about the cultural identities of the New World and the settlement of the Europeans till 1700 and the third phase talked about the events that took place in Native America in the eighteenth century (Castillo & Schweitzer, 2001). On the other hand, the second source talks about the Columbian voyages, the Columbian exchange, the biological metamorphosis of the New World due to their interaction with the Europeans and infectious diseases that arise due to this interaction (Crosby, 1994).
The first source did a great job in correcting people’s perspective on the cultural diversity of the Amerindians (Castillo & Schweitzer, 2001), while the second source did a great job in showing the biological transformation of the New World (Crosby, 1994). The two sources showed that it was actually greed that motivated the interaction of the Europeans with the Amerindians as they sought to exploit these people.
Though the two primary sources talked about similar and different issues, but the fact remains that, the accounts are reliable as they are coming from renowned historians. They provided ample evidence to support their assertion and this is what adds to the reliability of their accounts. Thus, the accounts of the two primary sources are reliable. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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