John Browns importance in the antebellum slavery debate - Essay Example

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But it is our responsibility to this new land, for our forefathers, and all of the future descendents in this great land to create a land safe, productive,…
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John Browns importance in the antebellum slavery debate
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Due John Brown: From an Abolitionist Perspective The America of today we see split nearly down the center, two sides of the same coin, working to fight for its way of life. But it is our responsibility to this new land, for our forefathers, and all of the future descendents in this great land to create a land safe, productive, and just for all of its citizens. John Brown will be a great ally in accomplishing this task. His words, his work, and reputation have sparked the conscious of so many and if he is to die, then we know he dies a martyr. Already comparisons have been made comparing this man to the Christian savior Jesus Christ (“John Brown’s Holy War,” 2010).John Brown can be a banner for which all abolitionists really under to continue the fight for the freedom and dignity of all of the people who have been wrongly chained and enslaved.
The harder that we deny these winds of change the greater the force will ultimately be all the more destructive; do you not see this only brings us further from bringing this country together, but only further tear us apart. John Brown’s crime is not the charges levied against him, but what he represents and the likelihood fuel he can add to the fight against slavery. The time for change is now. Thoreau’s message speaks volumes of the respect that many have for this condemned man. He explained that his character will likely live long after him and that is his legacy (“John Brown’s Holy War,” 2010). Ultimately, the court will decide his fate, but we can take up his cause, pass the torch, and continue the fight to the end. We can no longer allow injustices that so freely and legally occur in the southern states; crimes of the most heinous kind. If ever there was a time to rise up the banner of John Brown is now. Let his cause be ours as we bring America into a whole new era and very different future.
"John Browns Holy war." American Experience. Corporation of Public Broadcasting, 1
Jan. 2010. Web. 14 Apr. 2014. . Read More
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