The Battle of the Gods and the Giant/ Acropolis monument - Essay Example

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There are many Acropolis in Greece, but the Athens acropolis or the citadel of Athens in the most famous. This monument is built on top of is known as the ‘sacred rock’ its main aim was to radiate power and protect its citizens. The…
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The Battle of the Gods and the Giant/ Acropolis monument
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Download file to see previous pages It is a unique masterpiece of ancient architecture which combines different orders and styles of classical art in a most innovative manner. This has influences art and culture for many centuries. The monument epitomizes an accurate reflection of the magnificence, power and wealth of Athens at its greatest peak and the golden age of perikles. The assumptions that can reveal that he hill was inhabited from a very early period are the presence of the pottery shards of Neolithic period.
Among the monuments of acropolis is the Parthenon which is the most magnificent. This temple was dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena. Parthenon and many other temples were rebuilt in the golden ages after they had been destroyed when the Persians invaded and destroyed them. Parthenon is one of the most famous buildings in the world. It has a unique artichetural design that has inspired the western world. It was constructed using marble acquired from mount Penteli. The splendid statue of Athens was made by Phidias who was the best sculpture in his time. Phidias used wood, ivory, and gold to create the sculpture. Unfortunately the statue disappeared during the middle ages. What is amazing about the architectural achievement of Parthenon is the way it harmonizes itself with the Attica landscape. Another feature that makes the Parthenon astonishing is that its external pillars are not straight, they are slightly curvy which makes them to give an optical illusion as they appear straight from the angle that one is standing. Parthenon was conceived in a way that its aesthetic allow for a smooth transitional between the exterior and the interior that housed the chryselephantine statue of Athena. Any visitor to the acropolis entering from the Propylaia would is confronted by the majestic proportion of the Parthenon in three quarters view, the full view of west pediment and north colonnade. Then as one move closer, the details of the sculpted Metopes becomes legible, the base of the columns ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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