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An evaluation of the impact of immigration on Social Cohesion in present day Britain - Essay Example

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The survey was designed to ascertain Britons’ attitudes and perspectives on immigration and social cohesion in the UK. The results of the survey are evaluated by reference to the…
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An evaluation of the impact of immigration on Social Cohesion in present day Britain
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"An evaluation of the impact of immigration on Social Cohesion in present day Britain"

Download file to see previous pages Only 8 of the respondents representing 15.38% were dissatisfied with their financial situation while 28 (53.85%) were satisfied and another 4 (7.69%) were very satisfied. Fifteen (28.85%) of the respondent agreed that Britain provides adequate financial assistance to citizens while 16(30.77%) were neutral and 12 (23.17%) disagreed with 11 disagreeing and 1 strongly disagreeing. Nine of the respondents (17.31%) did not know.
Nearly half (24 representing 46.15%) of the respondents thought that the number of immigrants in Britain were acceptable. Thirteen (25%) thought there were too many immigrants in Britain, 4 (7.15%) thought the number of immigrants in Britain were too low and 11 (21.15%) had no opinion or did not know. A majority of respondents thought that immigration was good for Britain (4 strongly agreeing [7.84%]; 18 agreeing [35.29%]) while 13 (25.49%) were neutral and 12 (23.53%) disagreed and 1 (1.96%) strongly disagreed. Three (5.88%) did not know.
From the respondents’ perspective, immigration, social issues and education were the main issues effecting Britain today. However there were 13 items that the respondents were able to choose from and there were nearly evenly divided (See Figure 1 below).
A majority of the respondents had neutral attitudes toward immigration (21 representing 44.46%) and 20 representing 44.44% had positive attitudes. Only 2 of the respondents (4.44%) and another 2 were negative or did not know. A majority of the respondents (2 [4.44%] strongly agreeing; 26 [57.785] agreeing) that the UK was land of economic opportunity). Seven (15.56%) were neutral, while 9 (20%) disagreed and 1 (2.22%) strongly disagreed.
The results of the survey demonstrate that there is a significant shift on the public’s attitudes toward immigration. Previously, national polls had progressively demonstrated a negative attitude ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Evaluation of the Impact of Immigration on Social Cohesion in Essay)
An Evaluation of the Impact of Immigration on Social Cohesion in Essay.
“An Evaluation of the Impact of Immigration on Social Cohesion in Essay”, n.d.
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