Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And 20th Century - Essay Example

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An essay "Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And 20th Century" reports that early Christians suffered persecutions at the hands of Roman officials. The fact that Palestine was part of the Roman Empire greatly facilitated the rapid spread of Christianity…
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Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And 20th Century
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"Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And 20th Century"

Download file to see previous pages Christianity is considered as a proselytizing religion. This translates that the followers of these religions have a belief that it is their responsibility to share their religion and try to bring others to their religion. Early Christians emanated from the Jewish tradition, however,  they had a belief that the message and teaching of Jesus Christ were supposed to be for all people in the world. They used the transportation networks such as shipping routes, roads in spreading the message of Jesus throughout the Roman empire and areas of the Mediterranean region of North Africa, Western Asia, Southern Europe and the Mediterranean sea. Looking at the map of Christianity in Africa, it is apparent that Palestine, where Christianity first emerged is quite close to Africa in proximity. Owing to this aspect, there is no doubt that Christianity spread to North Africa and Egypt during the first century, especially in Alexandria, which later became a crucial center for the new religion. Presently, among Christian scholars and theologians of comparative religion, a great extent of ink has been spilled in an attempt of defining the relationship between Christianity and other non-Christian religions around the world. The fact that majority, if not all non-Christians religions are existing in proximity to the Christian religion, has lent the task of research a new urgency. Today, it is not a surprise to find churches among Buddhist, Hindu, Sick temples or synagogue. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(“Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And Essay”, n.d.)
Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And Essay. Retrieved from https://studentshare.org/history/1638535-how-useful-is-the-concept-of-a-religious-encounter-in-describing-the-interaction-between-christianity-and-other-societies-and-religions-in-the-19th-and-early-20th-centuries
(Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And Essay)
Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And Essay. https://studentshare.org/history/1638535-how-useful-is-the-concept-of-a-religious-encounter-in-describing-the-interaction-between-christianity-and-other-societies-and-religions-in-the-19th-and-early-20th-centuries.
“Encounter Between Christianity And Other Religions During The 19th And Essay”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/history/1638535-how-useful-is-the-concept-of-a-religious-encounter-in-describing-the-interaction-between-christianity-and-other-societies-and-religions-in-the-19th-and-early-20th-centuries.
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