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Russian Shamanism and Mysticism - Essay Example

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Date Russian Shamanism and Mysticism Introduction Shamanism is often used today as a general term that refers to a variety of spiritual activities that take place around the world. Many communities around the world that practices spiritualism in different ways and the concept of a spiritual knowledge can move to other places due to itinerary and movement of the people, as such the concept of shamanism was first introduced in Turks and Mongols after which it was shared with the neighboring Samoyedic and Tungusic communities…
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Russian Shamanism and Mysticism
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Download file to see previous pages In the Soviet of central Asia, there widespread persecution of those who practiced and believed in shamanism as fraudulent individual who are spreading outdated practices. This persecution of the shaman believers is responsible for the sharp decline in shamanism in Russia. History of Shamanism It will be realized that the concept of Shamanism is connected to nature in a strong way as well as many of the teachings of the world. Shamanism remains one of the oldest forms of communication and connection with the creator, it also remains the oldest form of advancing treatment for healing purposes in the history of mankind that dates back to the period of stone age era. Surprisingly, there are different form of Shamanism that have been encountered in the later much organized religious groups in their forms of mystic and symbolic practices. For instance, the aspects of Shamanism highly influenced Greek paganism and the roman religion (Adcocik 54). It is thus arguable that most of the contemporary religions are scions of the shamanism in one way or the other. There are also very strong influences of shamanism in Buddhism in the central Asia, in the beginning of the eighth century, Buddhism and Shamanism became compatible and a lot were borrowed from Shamanism that informed Buddhism as a religion. One of the reasons for the sharp decline in Shamanism was the emergence of Christianity, Christianity wiped most of the Shamanism out of existence, for instance, in Europe, starting in the period of 400 CE, the emergence of the Christian church significantly affected the Greek and the roman religions, and this led to their collapse (Drury 32). All the temples that were associated with the religions together with the regulation and laws were expunged with the strong emergence of Christianity. The period extending from the middle age era and the period of renaissance European shamanism were increasingly becoming extinct through campaigns against witches. Shamanism was classified as a witch and in this regard suffered a hitch. Catholic in particularly orchestrated the banishment of Shamanism as a way of religious connectivity (Adcocik 71). It should be realized though that shamanism elements were still found in Christianity but with very slight differences based on the ritual performances and accompaniment of some paraphernalia associated with Shamanism. Shamanism further faced several difficulties following the influence of the colonization of the Spanish by the Christians, in the central South America and in the Caribbean; the catholic priests conformed to the conquistadors, which is largely attributed to be responsible for the local traditions destruction practiced by the Shamanism. They are denounced the practitioners as devil worshipers and recommended persecution for those found engaging with the Shamanism. In the Northern part of America, the English puritans were responsible for the spirited fight that was staged on those perceived to be witches or associated with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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