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Chinese History, Mao Zedong - Essay Example

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The key leader mainly associated with revolution is Mao Zedong. Various forms of violence characterized the rise to power of Mao. The various forms of violence used by the leader and his…
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Chinese History, Mao Zedong
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Download file to see previous pages As a result, Mao urged for the overthrow of the leaders that were against the party ideals through violent means. In the 1960’s, Mao as a leader of CPC observed that the leadership of in China was against revolutionary theory and hence likely to support the ideas of those opposed to communism. The period also saw the weakening of Mao political powers due to the failure of the “Great Leap Forward”. There was also increased economic crisis because of poor policies adopted by the regime. Mao began to reassert his authority by putting into leadership those of his views to attack existing party leadership. Such people included Jiang Qing Mao wife and Lin Biao the defense minister. The period saw the advent of Cultural Revolution in august 1966. The major effect was closure of schools and urging youth to take into task the party leadership for their support of non-communist values and lack of revolutionary spirit. The movement turned violent after a short period. The students were in the forefront in the violence. They had formed the Red Guards that was responsible for harassing the aged and intellect in the Chinese society. This paper focuses on the role of violence in Chinese revolution in advancing political power and control of political dissent.
Chinese revolution was characterized majorly by violence. The violence played a significant role to the achievement of the goals of the revolution. The violence mainly focused on countering anti revolutionary ideas and consolidation of powers. First, the violence helped in countering ideologies that were seen as going against the revolutionary ideas. In the initial phase of the revolution, violence was used to stem out those leaders that were seen leaning to capitalist ideas. The leaders were seen as a threat to Mao ideology of having a communist society. One of the targeted leaders was ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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