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Bismarck: Blood and Irony - Book Report/Review Example

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Steinberg enhances the book’s power by keeping his opinion on Bismark as low as possible. The book is premised on the life story…
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Bismarck: Blood and Irony
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Download file to see previous pages Despite the fact that Bismarck created Germany he did not rule it. He was the prime minister for 28 years without any political party. He made very brilliant speeches but was not clear in delivering them. This made him address meetings on rare occasions. Bismark planned three wars and wore a military uniform at a later stage in life despite the fact that it had no relevance (Steinberg 2). Despite having strong names like the “image of Prussia” and the “Iron Chancellor, Bismark had hysteria and hypochondria. People in the contemporary world reffered to him as a dictator and many other critical observers ascribed that he had demonic powers. He was able to unite Germany and changed Europe to be like Napoleon’s era. He did this not with any command of great armies or state control. The book looks into the greatness and the limitations of Bismark’s self destruction. The book employs his contemporary letters as well as diaries to explore how he became a great man.
In the seventh chapter of this book, Steinberge looks into the various wars that resulted in the unification of Germany. The major revolutions that occurs in the fiscal year 1848 were designed to help make Germany one. All German state representatives agreed to meet in Frankfut for the drafting of the constitution. In the fiscal year 1948, the German leaders were more keen to see Germany unified(Steinberg 185). The revolutions that occurred during that time were mostly to unify Germany. In the fiscal year 1849, the Parliament in Frankfurt gave King Friedrich Wilhelm IV the title of Emperor. However, the king refused this offer as he feared other princes opposing this fact as well as military intervention from nation states like Russia and Austria. Consequently, the meeting concluded with the Frankfurt parliament not succedding in what they intended to do.
The chapter reveals the 1862, speech that Bismarck made to the Prussian ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Bismarck: Blood and Irony Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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