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During the inter-war years, the United State was faced with the dilemma of supporting the League of Nation in it condemnation of the aggression of Japan and German. The United State views this as a policy of isolating the two countries and which had dire consequences to the U.S…
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Question During the inter-war years, the United was faced with the dilemma of supporting the League of Nation in it condemnation of the aggression of Japan and German. The United State views this as a policy of isolating the two countries and which had dire consequences to the U.S and to the League of Nation (Roark 2). The fear turned out to be true when Hitler began arming his army in readiness for war. President Roosevelt was interested in the domestic issue more than international engagement in the world. He argued that his first priority was to improve the life of Americans by uplifting the living standard.
Question 2
The German aggression threatened every nation in Europe such as France, but the British vowed not to let German undermine its sovereignty (Roark 6). In its annexation, German invaded Poland and America feared that if British were left alone to fight against German, it might suffer so much because it did not have enough resources to go to war. Therefore, the U.S reversed its neutrality policy and allowed its allies to buy supplies and ammunition to fight off German aggression.
Question 3
The war had dire consequences for women and family. The husband left their families to the battle ground thus making their families vulnerable of the challenges in the society, to struggle for food, shelter and education. Moreover, it is the American citizen who bore the greatest burden because resources that were diverted to the war were meant to help in the development of the domestic economy. In addition, the attack by Japan on Pearl Harbour made mothers lost their husbands and sons who were the bread winner of their lives.
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Roark, James et al. The American Promise: A History of the United States. 2012. PowerPoint presentation. Read More
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