Compare the NIMBYism Between China Three Gorges Dam and India Delhi Dam. (Research Project) - Essay Example

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Dams are huge barriers that are built across rivers, streams, or major watercourses to restrain and utilize the flow of water for human purposes such as controlling flooding, generating hydroelectric power, or for irrigation. When the water is confined, the water body created…
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Compare the NIMBYism Between China Three Gorges Dam and India Delhi Dam. (Research Project)
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Extract of sample "Compare the NIMBYism Between China Three Gorges Dam and India Delhi Dam. (Research Project)"

Download file to see previous pages While the authoritarian government in China hardly allows people to give own opinions, people in India have the power to complain and provide personal opinions. Due to this difference, transnational movements have great influence over the Indian people than the Chinese people. India enjoys these privileges because the country endures a democratic regime. The other key factor discussed in the paper that also creates the difference is the history of each dam project. The Indian project is much older and has resulted to more damages as compared to the Chinese dam project. People in India would more likely to perceive future disasters than the Chinese people making their case more complicated. This implies that political structure is the most important as analyzed in the paper.
Dr. Yat-Sen first proposed Chinese Three Gorges dam project with the main objective being to control the flooding of Yangtze River and generation of electricity. However, according to a public opinion survey by Chetham, the local population felt that the extra energy generated by the project would not benefit them as the project was aimed at producing energy not intended to the local consumers. The dam spans River Yangtze by the Sandouping town. The dam is the largest power station in the world with respect to its installation capacity of 22,500 MW. The Three Gorges Dam became fully functional in early July 2012, but the dam itself was completed in the year 2006. At this time, the main turbines within the underground plant started production of hydroelectric power. Every main turbine is known to yield a power capacity of up to 700MW. In total, the project has 32 main turbines, which together with other smaller generators, 22,500MW of electric power is generated.
On the other hand, the Delhi Dam project started with an embankment dam specifically on River Maquoketa. It was situated about two and half ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Compare the NIMBYism Between China Three Gorges Dam and India Delhi Essay.
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