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Mismanagement of the state’s revenues and funds compounds these issues. Commentators reckon that the state’s Department of Finance is responsible for presiding over the budget process…
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Short essay questions
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"Short questions"

Download file to see previous pages Through ballot box budgeting, voters approve measures that only serve to constrain the different ways in which California’s money is raised and spent. Their piecemeal fashion of endorsing these measures has ended up putting a majority of the budget beyond what legislators can control. This makes systematization of priorities difficult for legislators (Korey 71).
In the Glinsberg v New York case of 1968, the Supreme Court held that the government could constitutionally curtail children from accessing certain types of sexually explicit material that it cannot constitutionally curtail for adults. The condition for this ruling to apply is proof of exposure of children to variable obscenity. In the New York Times Co. v. Sullivan’s case of 1964, the Supreme Court ruled that the government could prosecute defamatory falsehood directed at public officials and the necessary condition for this ruling is proof that the falsehood was published with actual malice. In City Council v Taxpayers for Vincent in 1984, the Court provided that, the government can curtail persons from posting signs on public property. The conditions for this ruling to hold is proof for private ownership of property and the intention to safeguard the aesthetic and beauty interests of a city (Lively & Russell ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Short Essay Questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
“Short Essay Questions Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words”, n.d.
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Short essay questions
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... What are factors that can determine whether an individual is consid­ered an em­ployee or an independent contractor? Explain how the factors work in detail and thoroughly. Establishing whether a member of staff is an employee or an independent contractor is significant both to the employer and the worker. This works as a guideline to the employer on how much they need to engage their workers when it comes to tax obligation linked to the pay as you go system (PAYG) that they need to impose on them (Statsky, Robert and Pamela p 63) Statsky, Robert and Pamela (64) asserts that factors that need to be put into consideration are numerous but the main ones include, but not limited to the one summarized in the table below. Factor... What are...
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Short essay questions
... Sociology Theories Apply Karen Honey’s theory to explain the college behavior Horney’s theory according to Yep, Gust, Karen Lovaas and John (2003) indicates that the friend has neurosis which she defines as “a psychic disturbance which is brought about by fears and defenses against these fears and which leads to compromises to find solutions for conflicting tendencies.” The girl has fear of becoming fat and this is the reason she purges all the food she consumes as well as goes on a diet which basically demands her to eat next to nothing. This neurosis behavior is however a problem of the culture as Horney indicates in her theory. Western culture defines real beauty in terms of an individual being skinny... Sociology Theories Apply Karen...
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...6 THEORIES OF INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS (3 SHORT ESSAY QUESTIONS Neorealism is a theory that revolves the lack ofa central governing body among the nations in the world. The countries of the world are in the state of anarchy and are characterized by lack of orderliness. The theory says that all states are equal, and no state can purport to direct the affairs of another country (Slaughter, pp 2-7). Due to this independence from each other, the states are never interested in the happenings of another state. This theory can be seen as a classic case of self-preservation by the individual states. Therefore, one state can never subordinate its needs or interest, or jeopardize its interest be...
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