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Despite President Woodrow Wilson’s effort to maintain United States neutrality in the World War 1, the waters broke loss; eventually United States joined World War 1 in the year 1917. The president went forth to declare war against Germany basing on the claim that Germany…
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Thinking Historical Despite President Woodrow Wilson’s effort to maintain United s neutrality in the World War 1, the waters broke loss; eventually United States joined World War 1 in the year 1917. The president went forth to declare war against Germany basing on the claim that Germany violated the United States’ pledge to suspend unrestricted submarine warfare in the Mediterranean and north Atlantic. In addition, Germany attempted to lure Mexico in an alliance against the U.S. The congress concurred with the United States’ argument and hence it declared war on December 7, 1917. Moreover, President Wilson’s decision was primarily motivated by the Germany’s resumption of submarine attacks on passengers and merchant ships in the year 1917.
As a result of subsequent attacks on unarmed passenger ships by the German army, the united states was obliged to set certain terms and conditions that would prohibit this act. This treaty is called Sussex pledge. Violation of this agreement by the German government primarily motivated the United States’ entry in World War 1. The military leadership in Germany was however convinced that resumption of unrestricted submarine warfare would enable it to defeat the British within five months, thus they went forward and violated the pledge.
However, this decision was conflicted by Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg. He claimed that violation of the pledge would motivate the American government Participate in the war on behalf of the Allies and he claimed that this would result in the German defeat in the war. Thus the common memory is reinforced since the violation of the pledge resulted in United States entry into the World War 1.
The U.S. propaganda with the picture of a lady was meant to motivate women to contributed money that would sustain and give support to the army. It had the following writings on it “WOMEN OF AMERICA SAVE YOUR COUNTRY Buy WAR SAVINGS STAMPS.” This message was conveyed by the treasury department of United States America. Thus, propaganda uses a technique that appeals for emotion. The propaganda was however been successful since women were not involved in the war directly so they hard to support their country’s army financially. The technique employed by the propaganda appeals for emotion thus obliging women to support the country. The propaganda was successful due to the fact that the American army received support in varied form, varying from wheat to money while on the war front.
War propaganda definitely played a significant role in World War 1 for most countries. Propaganda was prominent in other European countries except Russia and this impacted negatively on their morale. Russia hard a large army but the suffered lack of morale, lack of equipment, transport and training thus resulting in their defeat against the German army. For instance the British government used posters that had the words, “Daddy what did you do in the Great War.” This was solely meant to provoke the public and lure them into joining the army. Thus, such posters guaranteed the army more recruits.
Although, the United States was almost the last country to join the world war but it successfully got most of its citizens involved through the use of propagandas. A propaganda bearing the words, “My daddy bought me a government bond of the third liberty loan did yours?” was a poster used for persuading individuals to buy war bonds. Other propagandas hinted that men who participated in the war would be regarded as heroes thus motivating more men to join the army. Read More
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