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Historical words - Assignment Example

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He had the ability to blend serious national matters with normal every-day analogies that made him present issues of national importance to ordinary citizens and through that, could question events related to…
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"Historical words"

Download file to see previous pages Identification: Defenestration refers to the throwing of officials through the windows of their offices in protest to their decisions. In 1618, a similar incident happened in Prague again when the Catholic Church backed the installment of one of their members as Duke of Styria. On 23rd May, 1619, protestors, led by a Protestant group that opposed the Dukes installation entered the Prague Castle and threw four regents and the secretary out through the windows of the castle.
Significance: It explains the absolutism and the unquestionable powers the the French monarchy had in those times. This laid the foundation for a dynasty that was not accountable to anyone and this resulted in a rule that caused hardships for the masses until they rebelled and started the French Revolution which led to the killing and abolition of the French monarchy at the end of the 18th Century.
Identification: A Basque noble and military knight who lived between 1491 and 1556. He converted to serious Catholicism after he was wounded in a battle and took an oath to defend the Catholic faith through all means possible.
Significance: Ignatius formed the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) which sought to evangelize and promote Roman Catholicism throughout the world. This was to counter the Protestant Reformation and it succeeded in becoming a major apostolic wing of the Catholic church that helped spread the Faith to other parts of the world in later years.
Significance: Margaret Cavendish wrote about various subjects relating to politics, gender balance and scientific methods. Her writings helped to promote objective thinking and this supported the renaissance and enlightenment throughout Europe.
Significance: The painting tells the story of the hardships that poor peasants had to go through in his part of Europe. It shows the need for massive enlightenment amongst the poor in Europe and sparked the Flemish renaissance which was a part ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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