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Being a great figure in astronomy, he also presented the heliocentric theory with the notion that the earth orbited around the…
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Questions 2
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The Scientific Revolution: The Leaders, Their Contributions, and the Consequences Nicolus Copernicus is the first major figure in the scientific revolution who developed the Ptolemaic astronomy within Aristotelian physics. Being a great figure in astronomy, he also presented the heliocentric theory with the notion that the earth orbited around the sun.
Galileo Galilei (1564-1642) had his contributions lying on the basic laws of motion and gravity. He invented the microscope and telescope. Through his research and observations using his telescope, he defended the heliocentric Copernican view of the universe. He also refuted the Aristotelian system that brought about his censorship by the catholic church until his death
Isaac Newtown (1642-1727) advanced the existent theories on astronomy and formulated a comprehensive model on the workings of the universe based on gravitational law (Hatch, Para 6). He is also accredited to have developed calculus through his theories. Newton advanced Copernicus’ hypothesis of the earth being a planet, and that the interplanetary space is empty.
Johannes Keppler (1571-1630) developed the cosmographic mystery accounting for the planetary orbits. Keplerarian astronomy was also a credited with the heliocentric Copernican with uniform circular motion (Barrow, 56). Keppler defined the orbital characteristics of planets, and he thought he had exhausted the structural reality of the cosmos that he sought new celestial physics. He also had various contributions to mathematics (Hatch, Para 3).
The scientific revolution had profound impacts on both religious and education beliefs. One of its consequences was the rise of skepticism such that a figure like Descartes even doubted its own existence. He later realized that his thinking proved his own existence.
Another consequence of the scientific revolution was the challenge to religion where science proposed that the universe worked within mechanical laws, thus without God’s intervention. The friction between science and religion led to suffering of some of the pioneers of this revolution such as Galileo in the hands of the catholic church. The new science also led to decline in the belief of natural and demonic magic. Since there had been an established religious culture, science brought about the divide between the learned and the popular culture (Brian et. al. Chapter 16).

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